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Sanlam to award Shs 50m to outstanding Rotary Club initiatives

L-R: Gary Corbit CEO Sanlam, Center Francis Xavier Sentamu Rotary Club Governor and Rose Lubwama Sanlam Board member

L-R: Gary Corbit CEO Sanlam, Center Francis Xavier Sentamu Rotary Club Governor and Rose Lubwama Sanlam Board member

Sanlam Insurance company is to award to the tune of Shs 45 million outstanding Rotary Club initiatives that are helping to improve the lives of communities in Uganda.

Announcing the award at the insurance company’s head offices in Kampala, Gary Corbit, the chief executive officer of Sanlam said the award will target three Club initiatives, with the best taking Shs 20 million, the second-best Shs 15 million and the third Shs 10million.

The program is open to all Rotary Uganda clubs.

“We believe the award funds will go a long way in contributing to their project progress… Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our fiber as an organization…it gives us great fulfillment to see the level of impact many of these initiatives have on our nation,” Corbit said. 

For his part, Francis Xavier Sentamu, the District Governor of Rotary Club D9211 said they are delighted for the support that Sanlam is extending to help improve the lives of Ugandans.

He said, Shs 45 million might seem little but there is a great number of lives it will help improve.

“You will be amazed at what Shs 45 million can do.  If properly utilized, like it’s going to, this money can translate into Shs 200 million project and you have no idea how many lives will be transformed,” Sentamu said.

He added that when Sanlam approached them for the opportunity to work together, they gladly accepted.

“To the Rotarians, I believe in you and your ability to deliver. While the judges may select the top three entries, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us are not impacting society. I strongly believe that Sanlam came up with this concept because of the work you do. I, therefore, encourage you to participate in the competition for an opportunity to win the award that will further finance your service delivery in your communities,” Sentamu said.

Entries for Rotary Clubs that want to participate are now open until November 1. The winners will be declared in the same month and awarded during their club fellowships.


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