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UPDF soldier arrested for shooting dead colleague, civilian

Natete police is holding a Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) soldier suspected of shooting to death his colleague and a civilian. 

The deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigire, said Okia was detained after he reported a case at Natete police station indicating that his colleague, Leonard Chebet had been killed by an unknown civilian, whom, he also shot dead.

Owoyesigire, however, says a team of homicide and scene of crime officers reconstructed the scene of the shooting in Nalukolongo that discovered that the duo had been killed sometime back. He says Okia was immediately apprehended and locked up at Natete police station as the officers probe circumstances surrounding Chebet’s death and that of the civilian.   

“It is alleged that two soldiers were deployed to guard a structure in Nalukolongo. This morning 2/9/19 at around 04:36 am, Private Okia reported at Nateete police station that unknown man attacked his colleague, disarmed him and shot him dead from the compound. Okia says he came out of his room and shot the assailant dead,” Owoyesigire said. 

Adding that, “However while at the scene, we realized that bodies had taken some time [at the scene] and when we re-interrogated Okia he changed his statement and told us that the incident happened on Saturday. The bodies were taken to Mulago city mortuary.”

Police recovered Chebet’s gun from the scene and disarmed Okia since the murder scenes didn’t look fresh as it normally appears in homicide cases. Police also recovered several spent cartridges that will be used to establish, which of the two guns recovered at the scene was used in the shooting. 

Police said the soldiers in question were illegally deployed by an unidentified officer at the rank of Major. Police investigations will unearth the UPDF officer who illegally deployed the soldiers for interrogations.


+3 #1 Lakwena 2019-09-02 16:43
While Ugandans pay taxes thru their noses to sustain the UPDF soldiers for national duties, the illegal deployment of UPDF officers by their rouge superior; is the order of the day.

E.g., who pays for the UPDF officers who herd Mr. M7 cattle on his private ranches in Kisozi and Rwakitura?

In other words, because of conflict of interest and/or abuse of office/power, such illegal deployments, some of which are demeaning; are causes of resentments and fracas between and among the foot soldiers on illegal assignments.
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+1 #2 rubangakene 2019-09-02 22:44
Soldiers taking over police duties, typical Uganda.

Even in Obote 2, Asian houses were guarded by soldiers in lieu of food and waragi, can you imagine this moonlighting happening in Kenya or Tanzania?
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