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68% of Ugandans are poor because of sleeping - Museveni

President Museveni

President Museveni

President Yoweri has lambasted Ugandans for failing to make use of their abundant land and available labour to create wealth for themselves and the country.
Museveni said the reason why 68 per cent of the Ugandan population is poor, is because they are living outside the money economy - producing and earning nothing. 

Museveni who was closing a two-day West Nile Investment Symposium at Muni University in Arua district over the weekend said it a shame that Africans with all the land and labour is the poorest continent. Museveni said local leaders are to blame for the high poverty levels because they are nearer to the people yet fail to mobilise and guide them on what to do. 
These leaders, Museveni said should be encouraging the local people to make money through commercial agriculture. 
"In order to produce something you need four things; land which is a natural resource, labour which we have in plenty, capital money and entrepreneurship, the spectacles to see where the opportunity is and turn it into profit. You can’t have 68% of the homesteads (eating what they produce) and you think you’re an economist. You’re just a total failure. Infant mortality rate, how many children are dying when they are still young? Why are they dying? Because they have problems, mainly because of problems of having no money. What does it mean that 68% of the homesteads are outside the money economy? We have a few modern farmers who are part of the 32% and other entrepreneurs. Those will continue but let us wake up this 68%." Museveni said. 

Earlier, State Minister for Northern Uganda Grace Kwiyucwiny had told the meeting that poverty levels have remained high in areas of northern Uganda, despite efforts to encourage commercial production and value addition of agricultural produce.

Museveni also ordered that all people including investors and subsistence farmers encroaching on wetlands and forests should get out so as to minimize environmental destruction.
Museveni added that northern Uganda now has two out of the five things needed to get out poverty - peace and electricity. Museveni said very soon, the railway will also be revived to carry cargo and that Ugandans should exploit the good road network. 

The president also launched the 5-year Northern Region Strategic Development Plan and called on the leaders and people to embrace practices that can attract investors and increase consumption.


0 #31 Kelly 2019-08-13 08:41
Quoting Wainainchi:
Maria, smoking and lazyness main causes of Uganda problems.

Youth does not want to work likes to ride bids bodas get quick and easy money and politicking.

Until peolle wake up and listen to the Good Man it will stay the same.

Wainainchi, you seem to have changed the brand of what you smoke to a more concentrated one.

Didn't the president just mention Boda boda associations as one of the groups to "support" with funding?

At times your comments make ordinary people think that there are second hand brains (mivumba brains/Faco) on the market!!!
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+1 #32 Kirya 2019-08-13 08:48
Get a gun kill many people after you have confused them 88bribe the dogs cats horses goats
and those in between.

You loot for 36 years
turn the country into a shit hole. You have balls
to talk shit.God help Uganda to get this used toilet
paper off our back!!8
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+1 #33 Lakwena 2019-08-13 10:58
Quoting Wainanchi:
OOps.Not Maria but Marua!! Oh damn it.Sorry lads!!

In other words instead of a brain, Wainainchi has a head full of marwa bubbles, popping up every now and then! No wonder he comes up with all sorts of bubble nonsense.
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0 #34 Wooden K. 2019-08-13 15:01
Ibur ber Lakwena !

I disagree with you on one point : when NRA captured power , many of our people were happy , not because Museveni had arrived , but because Obote and his savage army had been sent away.

Blaming those who jubilated then is like blaming those who danced on a wedding years after the marriage collapses.

A fool is the one who continues to dance when a divorce must happen

Even now , its the same dimension . Some Ugandans offer money to Besigye and jubilate when Bobi Wine shows up , not because they think that Besigye is an angel , not because they believe that he will perform miracles , but because they are tired of
Musevenism and wish to try something else.
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0 #35 Wooden K. 2019-08-13 15:21
I said ; a fool is the one who continues to dance even when ( the Music has ended ) and a divorce must happen.

Kaggwa Njala hosts Don Wanyama on Morning Breeze . The topic is Museveni`s Wealth Creation .

When Sissy remarks that Museveni himself had said that 68% of Ugandans are poor and goes to ask what has happened to all the wonderful programmes that Museveni keeps talking about , Don Wanyama almost jumps out of his fooish skin . He babbles that "the president never gave percentages ... "

Kaggwa reads the part where 68% is mentioned by M7.
Wanyama smiles . It seems , Idiotic Don had not read through the crap that he had come to defend .

Now , that is the exact definition of a FOOL
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0 #36 ivo 2019-08-13 15:31
Soon i go to visit Uganda, and now i see this is a country of great opportunities, i could sell pyama's, that could be a runner.. or alarmclocks, o my god.. they are all asleep..

Think of all the sleeping beauty,s, one can kiss awake.. My travelagent was not lying. this must be paradise.

Its like it is the sixties all over again.. love peace...
and electricity..
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0 #37 Lakwena 2019-08-14 08:36
Quoting Wooden K.:
Ibur ber Lakwena !

I disagree with you on one point : when NRA captured power , many of our people were happy , not because Museveni had arrived , but because Obote and his savage army had been sent away.

Blaming those who jubilated then is like blaming those who danced on a wedding years after the marriage collapses. ...

In other words Wooden, whatever our agreements and disagreements, Uganda is a depressing bad new!

In case of another life, I will tell God so that never again I reincarnate in Uganda. Have a nice day.
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