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Tension at burial of another People Power activist

Hakim Ssekamwa soon after the accident

Hakim Ssekamwa soon after the accident

There was heavy deployment of Anti-riot police in Luweero town council ahead of the burial of a Boda boda rider killed in a procession involving the Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.  

Hakim Ssekamwa was killed on Tuesday evening in a nasty accident during a procession to escort Bobi Wine in Bombo town along the Kampala Gulu highway. 

The legislator together with others was on their way to Kampala from Gulu where they are being tried in the Magistrate’s court for among others treason, inciting violence and disobedience of lawful orders. The deceased’s elder brother, Isma Mpiima, says the deceased was knocked by a trailer after being forced off the road by a police patrol vehicle registration number, UP 2525. 

He sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Mulago national referral hospital where he breathed his last on Wednesday. 

"We carried my brother to the nearest hospital, but on reaching the hospital there was no medicine. They asked us to fuel the ambulance which I did and we took him to Mulago hospital. Before he died, he told me the police caused the accident because they attempted to knock him. As he tried to 'dodge' the patrol vehicle, he was hit by trailer on the other side. He kept apologising to me telling me he has left me with a big responsibility. It is very sad that I watched on helplessly as my brother breathed his last." said Mpiima. 

At Mulago, they were denied treatment after the family failed to raise Shs 270,000. This morning, a group of People Power activists led by Sam Serunjogi and Charles Ssebyala embarked on the deceased’s burial arrangements at his ancestral home at Kasana Piida in Luweero town council.     

However, scores of police officers led by the officer in charge of Kasana police station, Sperito Banomugisha deployed heavily near the deceased’s home and along the Kampala-Gulu highway in Luweero town council.

Police also summoned the organizers of the burial to provide a list of expected mourners following reports that Bobi Wine might show up at the burial. Both Serunjogi and Ssebyala defied the summons, saying they are busy mobilizing resources for the funeral.  

"It is absurd, we happen to lose one of our gallant member of People Power, Hakim when he was following the convoy of his excellency Bobi Wine. Sadly as we were preparing for the burial police has deployed heavily, we do not know their agenda but I think they have been tipped off that HE Bobi Wine is coming to attend the burial…I ask the community to send off our colleague in a deserved way. It is not the police to tell us how we should bury. It is very absurd and shameful that police is now telling us how we should bury our relatives." said Serunjogi.     

Banomugisha declined to comment on the matter. The Luweero district police commander was unavailable for comment.       

Another police officer however said that they deployed to ensure smooth traffic flow. Our reporter saw several mourners donning the symbolic People Power red berets. The burial comes a day after the burial of another People Power activist who was also killed in an accident. 

Michael Kalinda aka Zigy Wyne was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Katoma- Bukari, Kashenshero Mitoma district on Wednesday.


+4 #1 Olum S. 2019-08-08 18:20
This story, the cause of the deceased’s fatal injuries, is believable.

The police, the supposed law enforcers, have a good history of abusing the traffic laws, such as when they try to intimidate opposition leaders and activists, forcing them off the roads.

They need never worry that this type of tragedy can result when they continue with this dangerous, illegal practice time and time again. This is your Police for you.

Sadly for the bereaved family, it’s highly unlikely they will get any justice for their lost loved one. They will be quickly forgotten by this regime.

This is what Ugandans will continue to experience. Always remember, your ‘law-enforcers’ are run directly from State House Rwakitura. Just like your legal system, your military...basically each and every ministry. And It’s not yet over.
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+4 #2 Mr X 2019-08-08 18:38
Its so painful to read this. Uganda is completely rotten, everything is rotten. Rude ruler, social services are not there and corruption everywhere.

There should be a rebellion to uproot the rotten regime.
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+1 #3 Ngoga 2019-08-08 22:07
Go well, Ssekamwa. Wumula milembe muganda wange. Byona byewasobya mukama akusasile.

I am not a People Power/Bobi Wine supporter (FDC all the way) but this is getting out of hand.

Let the people be, let them support who they want. These are the kicks of a dying regime.
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+4 #4 Odongkara 2019-08-08 23:36
Quoting Mr X:
Its so painful to read this. Uganda is completely rotten, everything is rotten. Rude ruler, social services are not there and corruption everywhere.

There should be a rebellion to uproot the rotten regime.

Thanks for speaking the truth without fear or favour. If all Ugandans were to rise against this regime, we would have liberated ourselves from this state of terror.

But since we're cowards we will continue to suffer and die one at a time.
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+1 #5 Kikonyogo 2019-08-09 19:09
in 1986 these same Guys Marched out of Luwero Triangle in Tatters and Very Very HUNGRY!! after Butchering 1.000.000..and Stealing their Goats and Produce..Upon Overrunning Kampala they Started Stealing Everything they Found! 33 Years down the Road, They are still Doing the same Thing..Killing Ugandans and Stealing!

Imagine Chopping Money for Refugees...People Wake..Up!! Kick them Out ! Ssente zaffe zonna zikomawo..Kifuba..
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-4 #6 Wainainchi 2019-08-10 00:28
Every lost life is regrettable.These young bodaboda fellas instead of drinking smoking and rioting should work hard for Uganda and earn money in sweat and tears.

Huge majority of them left their home ,sold peace of land from their ancestors and came to Kampala and other big cities loitering ,gossiping together and ferrying urban white collar office and business people and getting quick and easy money .

I was often watching them.In Kampala they gather in large groups talk talk and get infested with hostile NRM propaganda.

I was witness when police broke off their riots and overun bikes.They should be banned to congregate in the heart of Kampala and instead better traffic put in place.
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+1 #7 PaulK 2019-08-10 09:26
It's very clear form the picture above and from the story that this man should not have died had he been given proper and urgent treatment.

It so sad that our hospitals have gone to the dogs and ordinary Ugandans are dying like flies. Ugandas please wake up and liberate your country from the clutches of these heartless leaders
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