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Woman who fed stepdaughter on menstrual blood remanded

A woman suspected of forcefully feeding her teenage stepdaughter with food mixed with menstrual blood has been remanded for two weeks to Kauga prison in Mukono district.  

The accused identified as Annet Namata, was first arrested in June but went into hiding after securing police bond. However, she was tracked down and rearrested from Katosi landing site where she had sought refuge, according to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire.

Namata was taken to the police by her husband Yunus Lungu after neighbours alerted him that she had been mixing menstrual blood with the sauce which she forced the teenager to eat. Although Namata pleaded not guilty in court, Lungu had earlier told police that her wife pleaded guilty to accusations before the Kitega women's council where she also apologized and pleaded for pardon.  

In a video clip recorded during the local council meeting, Namata confessed to the crime saying she was tempted and acted out of anger because of the preferential care that her husband was giving to the child.  

She told the women's council that she had been ill-advised by her friends to feed the minor with menstrual blood in order to turn her into a lunatic. She appeared before Mukono Grade I magistrate Patience Koburunga who read out the charges, as investigations into the matter take shape.  

According to medical research, menstrual flow contains discharge, cervical mucus, and uterine tissue, which makes it a favourable environment for bacteria and blood-borne diseases such as HIV. Medics equally state that blood in any form is toxic when ingested, because the body has difficulty in excreting excess iron contained in the blood.


+1 #1 japhet m c 2019-08-09 08:53
she has to be imprisoned for life.
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0 #2 Kirya 2019-08-11 18:17
Should be deported to Rwanda. She is not a Ugandan.
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