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Museveni eulogizes Kaaya Kavuma

Kaaya Kavuma being laid to rest

Kaaya Kavuma being laid to rest

Thousands of mourners descended on Jjungo-Bukuya village in Wakiso district on Tuesday to send-off the late Godfrey Kaaya Kavuma, the former Katikiro of Buganda kingdom.  

The vice president, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, who represented, President Yoweri Museveni, eulogized the late Kavuma as one of the greatest patriots Uganda has ever had. 

"My relationship with Kaaya Kavuma dates back to our bush days when we used to meet in Nairobi,” read the president's speech delivered by Ssekandi. 

The president also described the late Kaaya as a resourceful person with a sharp mind and "a fearlessly incorruptible man" who never tired in his quest to foster for peace in the country. 

"Although his death leaves a huge vacuum, he leaves a legacy of hard work, which should be emulated by young Ugandans," Museveni noted. 

During the same requiem mass held at St. Steven's church at Buwaya, Buganda’s premier, Charles Peter Mayiga described the late Kaaya as a selfless man who extended a hand to people outside his family circles.  

"Most of these members of parliament you're seeing here were nurtured by Kaaya Kavuma," Mayiga observed. 

After the church service, which was led by Rev Alex Kasirye who also happens to be the deceased’s brother, the body was laid at his ancestral grounds at Jjungo-Bukuya village in Wakiso district.        

Kavuma was born on October 1937. He attended Mengo junior school and Busoga College Mwiri for his primary and advanced education respectively. 

He was admitted to Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Kaaya then worked in different capacities in Uganda Coffee Marketing Board. He was later appointed the general manager for British Commodities Company in 1974 until he relocated to Uganda in 1992.   

Kaaya served as the deputy premier and also state minister for Finance and minister of Lands for Buganda when it was restored. He's reported to have died of heart failure on July 27, aged 81 years.


0 #1 Mubiru 2019-08-07 17:44
In death even those with no genuine and realistic intentions tend to exalt the dead when in life they might not have been all that close etc.

But as I knew Kaaya-Kavuma he deserves all the praises and acclamations rightly accorded to him. However I note with a little surprise and dismay that the President's message accurately refers to late Kavuma as a "fearless incorruptible man".

With all the massive corruption and stealing of public money pervading Uganda,Instead of lionize the man after death why did Museveni never appointed Kavuma to be his key and chief adviser on corruption and bribery instead of having a redundant battalion of advisers who might even spend "ages" without ever rendering Museveni any advice?

May Godfrey Kaaya Kavuma rest in eternal peace.
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+1 #2 kalifani 2019-08-07 20:06
It's Buwaya not Bukuya. I have noted the mistake in all the publications.
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0 #3 Odongkara 2019-08-08 13:40
The President's message refers to late Kavuma as a "fearless incorruptible man".

My question is will the same be said about you Mr Museveni? What will your eulogy read like to Uganda on that one and only day?

I wait for the day to come and listen and then I will finish this post......
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