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Former Amin soldier rejects gratuity over negative publicity

 Francis Itabuka

Francis Itabuka

The former director of the much-feared State Research Bureau (SRB) Rtd Lt. Col. Francis Itabuka, says he opted not to claim his gratuity from the ministry of Defense due to negative media publicity.  

According to Itabuka, the media has labelled the Idi Amin government as 'a military regime' and attributed several atrocities to all officers who served under the regime. He says such sentiments have deprived capable veterans of enjoying their benefits like gratuity due to fear of public opinion.

Itabuka stresses that due to the inability of those who served under Amin to explain themselves at the local and international levels; it would generate mixed reactions once the media highlights the gratuity given to a former senior military officer like him. Although he admits that some atrocities were committed by the Amin regime, he says many have been overly exaggerated and some concocted so as to deliberately create a negative image around Amin and his government.  

Itabuka says the persistent negative coverage against Amin’s regime since the late 1980s to date indicates that the current government and the entire public doesn’t trust military officers who served under the regime. Itabuka reveals that some government officials tried to convince him to claim for his gratuity and tasked him to become a National Resistance Movement (NRM) mobilizer, a request he flatly rejected.

"When it comes to money they want me to go with identity and what note. Does it mean that they do not know me? These are conditions or preconditions - before you do this, you must do that. I don’t entertain such, I will survive. Me, I am a commando." said Itabuka.

Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) spokesperson for Jinja zone, George Musinguzi said that all retired military officers are entitled to their gratuity irrespective of the circumstances.  

“Just like other retired military officers from all other regimes after independence, Itabuka is entitled to gratuity, but we cannot force him to take if he doesn’t want to,” he said.   

About Itabuka

He served as the director of the State Research Bureau from August 1974 to February 1977. 

After the collapse of Idi Amin in April 1979, Itabuka appeared before the Uganda Human Rights Commission chaired by the current vice president, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi on May 11, 1987. 

He was found innocent on all counts of human rights violations levelled against him and was left to live as a free man. Itabuka leads a quiet life on his 40-acre farmland in Itonko village in Namutumba town council.


0 #21 Lakwena 2019-08-06 15:27
Quoting Wooden K.:
Hello Lakwena , like you , i was also a student under Amin`s time .

So , I know a lot how it was then , I also know exactly the house where Juma Butabika was , For your information , Juma was a small tough-looking kakwa guy who was always in army uniform

Francis Itabuka is a musoga , and probably one of those Amins high-raking men who refused to convert to Islam as the trend was.

Gen Ali Kiiza who was M7 pilot Kassim , Yusuf Odek , Ahmad Kashilling and very many UA men converted to Islam to please Amin , or for safety or to get promoted. ...

And Wooden, my uncle Orinayo Oryema, was advised to leave town and against accepting Amin's appointment as Minister for land.

But because he thought he was an angel and Amin won't slaughter him; he was dead wrong: all dictators are capricious and deadly.
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0 #22 Wooden K. 2019-08-06 15:28
Lakwena , it does not matter if Amin killed 11 or 1111 Ugandans , Governments are not supposed to extra judiciary murder their people , full stop !

This is not a maths issue , it not even a tribal issue

it is therefore stupid to go into stories of counting bodies and then compare if Amin killed more than Museveni.

Timothy Karyegira was a damn fool to have asked that question . If he really wants to know more let him go and ask Kay Amin wife`s son .
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0 #23 karemere 2019-08-06 20:56
Quoting Wooden K.:
Lakwena , it does not matter if Amin killed 11 or 1111 Ugandans , Governments are not supposed to extra judiciary murder their people , full stop !

This is not a maths issue , it not even a tribal issue.
WHAT?!!. If it is not a tribal or a maths issue, I ask you to justify why the skulls of northern tribes were lined up in Buganda (Luweero) to be counted.

I am against revenge against individuals just because his tribe did it, but I accept that each rabid dog should eventually have its day.
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+1 #24 Wooden K. 2019-08-06 22:33
Ssebo oba Nnyabo karemere , if you don`t understand what I write , and on what topic , just get somebody to guide you before you comment

Do not just put some words together and think you are making a contribution to the discussion.

When were skulls of northern tribes lined up and counted in Buganda ( Luweero) , WHEN ? WHERE ?

And , who is talking about revenge against individuals ?

You seem to be lost ….
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