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Gaagaa bus with 65 passengers on board catches fire in Nebbi

The Gaaga bus burning

The Gaaga bus burning

A bus belonging to Gaagaa bus company today, Sunday went up in flames in Nebbi district.

The bus, registration number UBB 991Y from Kampala heading to Koboko via Arua district went up in flames at Mbaro Oryang East village, Nyaravur sub county in Nebbi district at around 4:30 pm. 

All the 65 passengers on board managed to escape unhurt, while the driver Kasim Kayimbi is still on the run. Emmy Mulindwa, a passenger on board the bus said; “We heard a loud noise and we who were sitting in front knew that there was trouble after the driver ran out after the humps. I saw black smoke and seconds later there was fire. We alerted those behind and that’s how we all escaped." 

Rogers Amanya, the OC Traffic Nebbi police station said all the passengers aboard escaped unhurt but the bus was completely burnt.
“We had 65 passengers on board but no one was hurt. They managed to all escape unhurt. We are currently looking for the driver a one Kasim Kayimbi who disappeared after realizing that things had gone wrong," added Amanya.

The traffic officer attributed the accident to a tyre burst after the bus hit a hump. Denis Juma, the manager Nyaravur Gaagaa bus terminal said there was no fatality and the police with the help of the company team managed to relocate the passengers to another bus. 

“Our new bus was this evening involved in an accident but we have no fatality. We managed to rescue all the passengers and they have all reached Arua safely. We shall continue to monitor the situation closely as we handle those who lost their property,” he told URN on phone. 
The bus is one of the new buses that Gaagaa recently acquired and has just been introduced to ply Kampala-Koboko route.

In 2016 another Gaagaa bus registration number UAP 759H heading to Paidha district from Kampala burst a tyre at Matuga and caught fire. The bus had 60 passengers on board. 


0 #1 Sabiti 2019-08-04 23:29
Yet again!!!! I am pleasantly surprised that people still willingly pay to travel on Gaaga bus.
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+3 #2 karemere 2019-08-05 00:45
Quoting Sabiti:
Yet again!!!! I am pleasantly surprised that people still willingly pay to travel on Gaaga bus.

The roblem is: TUBELESS-Tyre can blow-out on bumpy roads.

European roads are smooth & without pot-holes. Further, there are no speed bumps where the indicated speed limit exceeds 50+ km/hr.

Solution for Uganda users: For extra security, add an inner tube anyway even if it is supposed to be a tubeless tyre. Caution: inflate gently till full (to avoid trapping air in between the inner-tube and the outer-tyre).
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-1 #3 Lakwena 2019-08-05 08:27
In other words, at this rate of going gaga every other Sunday; the Gaaga Bus Company is either cursed or under sabotage. Otherwise e.g., why should the driver run away?
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0 #4 rubangakene 2019-08-05 22:50
Tubeless tyres are safe, it is the roads what's the problem.

You see, these bus drivers do not check tyre pressures regularly; they just drive, drink 'marua' and 'enguuli' and drive again the following day regardless. whatever happened to the Vehicles Inspection Company that won a contract some time back,eh?
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