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Chameleone battles to shake off mole moniker

Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone

A marked survival characteristic of a chameleon is changing its milliard of colors depending on the environment and emerging potential dangers.

In politics, changing colors is a typical survival instinct and Joseph Mayanja is learning the hard way that his bestselling alias Chameleone has become his biggest liability. Big political players are holding back; they don’t trust his changing ways.

The Leone Island boss with an unbroken 20-year career in music announced recently that he had crossed to the Democratic Party to contest the Kampala lord mayorship and dispossess the incumbent Erias Lukwago.

But two weeks earlier, he had said in an interview published in The Observer issue of June 5 (Yes, I am running for lord mayor – Dr Jose Chameleonethat he doesn’t believe in political parties. He said people have moved away from parties.

“Apparently if you observe, people are tired of the bickering in politics. Politics should be like religion, a Muslim should be able to sit harmoniously with a Catholic and a Catholic sits with an Anglican and that is the environment I’m trying to look at. Most people on particular tickets realize that the party they are standing for starts dictating the way they do their work. I’m coming as an independent although I would love to associate myself with all the parties around. People of late have put themselves on pressure- I’m FDC, I’m NRM, I’m People Power, which is not healthy for our country,” Chameleone said.

But his sudden change of heart has unsettled some political players and created suspicion. Many think Chameleone is up to something sinister. They think he is working in cahoots with the ruling NRM and President Yoweri Museveni, who he helped prop up in the 2016 presidential elections.

Speaking to The Observer, Joel Ssenyonyi, the spokesperson of People Power, and its leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine said, “Chameleone has been a supporter of President Museveni for a while but if he’s now on the side of the oppressed majority Ugandans, he is welcome. But we shall know him by his fruits.”

Asked whether People Power will support his mayoral bid, Ssenyonyi said the time to decide the flag bearer has not yet come. His boss Kyagulanyi, who Chameleone visited Sunday evening moments after he returned from Qatar for a music show, is equally skeptical of Chameleone’s intensions.

Kyagulanyi wrote on his timeline that people who doubt Chameleone have a legitimate point given his recent history – singing and promoting the ‘oppressive regime’ of President Museveni.

“I assured him that it’s only his actions that will clear him,” Kyagulanyi wrote.

But Asumani Basalirwa, the Bugiri municipality MP who prides in being one of the very few people who have opposed Museveni’s government from the onset, said;

“For us in the traditional opposition, it has been our way of doing things by attracting those in NRM to join us. We welcomed Dr Kizza Besigye (founding FDC president), Gen Mugisha Muntu (former FDC president) and a host of others. Of course some have come with ulterior motives but others have joined genuinely. But you can only tell their motives after some time. It’s too early to judge Chameleone now. We should avoid creating a situation that scares away people from joining us.”

Dr Sam Kazibwe, a journalism and communication lecturer at the Uganda Christian University and a senior journalist at CBS radio, said Chameleone will need a lot of effort to defeat Lukwago.

“Chameleone thinks that he’s in Bobi Wine’s mold but the difference is that Bobi Wine doesn’t change his mind all of a sudden. It might be a little more challenging for him to convince the public that he’s there to pursue their interests…” Kazibwe said.

Speaking at the DP weekly press conference Tuesday, Chameleone said he should be given a chance to prove he has changed.

“If we want to get back our power, we must move as a body without discriminating. Don’t look at tribes; don’t look at religion or where I have been. Even leaders you are praising today were once somewhere. If you want to tell me that People Power is a movement that throws me out because I’m Joseph Mayanja, then that is not the revolution we are looking for. Ours is as revolution where we all must move together as a united Uganda,” Chameleone said, adding that some in People Power are calling him a mole. 

“I have been in Qatar; recently I was in Bukomansimbi singing looking for money; if I was a mole, why would I go through all that trouble? I once took the money but now it’s nowhere to be seen. I’m also a Ugandan who has a lot of energy to put in this struggle to liberate our people,” Chameleone said.



0 #11 Wooden K. 2019-07-18 15:45
Remase , you think that repeating things like : Museveni is a violent individual and a lier is somehow a strategy that will push him out of here.

I don`t .

I know that even 5 year olds say that about Museveni.

I operate on another level . After it has been established that there is a snake under the bed , why should I think its sooooooooo important to declare that a snake is poisonous ?

Museveni is going to be fought and removed systematically by intelligent people and not cyber speculators.

If he sends one mole into the opposition , they should send him 3
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0 #12 sadam kakungulu 2019-07-18 15:53
I don't think Chameleon is a mole,if you really studied political science, by now you would be understanding what politics means and you shouldn't be talking ill about the young Democrat.

In politics we observe, evaluate and then criticize. Give him time and trust.
Thank you
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0 #13 Wooden K. 2019-07-18 16:04
Oli otya Juwait Kari !!

Don`t worry about me. If you Think that I am laid , back , prove to me that you are not.

What have you done or said recently that I have not done or said ?

Making assumptions is not a skill in my view .

Try using your head a bit and compare Sam Kuteesa , Jacob Oualanya , Moses Ali , Ofwono Ofwondo , Karooro Okurut , Kamuntu , Rwakasisi, or Beatric Anywar with Chameleon.

Then come back and we talk about REAL Chameleons

In the meantime , I will say this : if Obote`s own son gave his wife to the very man who destroyed his fathers legacy , why should any intelligent person jump out of their bloody skin just because Joseph Mayanja has rejoined his grandfathers , his fathers , his mothers beloved DP ?
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0 #14 Remase 2019-07-18 17:27
Nalubega, "May I ask if you agree with Mr Museveni that Dr. Besigye , General Muntu , Mr Amanya Mushega, Mr Amama Mbabazi are unfit to lead Uganda because they changed from yellow to other colors?"

Read this, "Therefore we should care whether Chameleon actuary is a true chameleon because we don't need a chameleon! We have enough chameleons and that is why we are in a pickle!"

I should add, we, Ugandans, thought that M7 was the real deal, but he was not and never will. Besigye is was of those who first came out and informed us.

Mbabazi stood by M7 in hope that M7 will give him a chance to lead. Mbabazi is a copycat of M7. Muntu is ok and he never changed colors, however, I prefer Besiye approach than Muntu's. Therefore, is chameleon a chameleon? Nalubega, you tell me.
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0 #15 Remase 2019-07-18 18:12
Nalubega, you keep hiding in the "context" of your comments.

Your comment is very clear, you don't need to explain what you meant, You clearly stated that, "You don't care!" Period.

You further used the word "if." "I don`t give a damn if Chameleon Changes his colours." That is clear like day and night! You don'r care. Period.
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0 #16 Betty Nalubega 2019-07-19 11:47
Remase dear ,

please read comments properly before you respond.

Because you rush through what other people say and even do not bother to remember what other poeple have been saying over a long time , you jump to faulty conclusions .

You also have this infantile habit of throwing away toys as soon as someone says something which does not look like what you want or expect them to say.

What makes you think that you are here to jugde and mark who "cares" and who doesn`t ?
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0 #17 Betty Nalubega 2019-07-19 12:07
QUOTING Remase :
"Besigye was the first to come out and informed us "
" Muntu is ok he never changed clours"

Without realising it , Remase has contradicted himself and provied the explanation that he thought he was opposed to

If Besigye "come out" ( changed color) and opposed Mr Museveni , what sense does it make to argue that changing colors ( switching sides) is always a problem ?

Muntu is ok now ; bu tthose of us who have a memory know that when Gen Muntu went to join NRA , he was not accepted and was treated with alot of suspicion ; he was called Obote`s spy becauce of his family`s connnection with Obote.

When Gen Muntu parted with Mr Museveni , he was accused of being a mole . Even up to today , some still do not believe that he is not a mole.

It is interesting that the person who prefers Besigye and says that Muntu is ok is the same person saying that "we don`t need any chameleons"
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0 #18 Wooden K. 2019-07-19 17:23
Hello Uganda !

I see Ow ´Engabi Betty Nalubega asking Remase very intelligent questions .

This is like trying to milk a bul : Remase does not understand questions , so he can`t answer them

We , who can reason do not focus on Chemeloen Joseph Mayanja ; as a person ; we are more interested in converting more faces from NRM Jail back to freedom

Non thinkers like my dear friend Remase cannot envisage the indiscration of their utterencies

These days , there are rumours that DP is trying to convince Winnie Byanyima to return to Uganda and rejoin the party of her origins .
Winnie was a DP youth at Makerere , before she joined and then quit NRA/M for FDC.

No wise person can call her a mole .

BN gets it : people who would like to quit NRM jail and join the struggle look at how Joseph Mayanja is recieved and make their decision accordingly.

Thank you wamma Mukyala Nalubega !
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0 #19 Jama 2019-07-21 16:29
What everybody must ask oneself, why chameleon's immediate intention is to dislodge the Kampala Mayor,who is an opposition figure?
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