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AFCON: Museveni to reward Cranes with Shs 3bn

Cranes players at State House

Cranes players at State House

Uganda Cranes players will receive a sum of $1 million (about Shs 3.7 billion) from President Yoweri Museveni as a reward for their participation in the African Cup of Nations and reaching the Round of last 16.

Museveni announced the cash reward at a dinner he held for the Uganda Cranes players at State House Entebbe on Monday evening to welcome the team from Egyptian capital, Cairo. 

He congratulated the team, saying they had somewhat achieved despite dropping off in the knockout stages thanks to a 1-0 loss to Senegal. Museveni emphasized the importance of sports, saying that in addition to entertaining and improving one’s health, it also generates income and builds one’s character.  

He also acknowledged the limited budgetary support by government, saying the country is still struggling with basics like security, public infrastructure, roads, electricity and piped water. Before the final game against Senegal, the players staged a sit-down strike and refused to train until they got $6,000 in cash each for qualification for the last 16.

Museveni promised more support for sports when the resources allow.  Moses Magogo, the president Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) thanked the president for the support he gave to the team.  

He also said he was proud of the team since they were in position to reach the knockout stages. Magogo noted that the players put in a lot since a lot of teams including giants dropped out in the initial stages.



0 #1 Wooden K. 2019-07-09 13:16
Hello Uganda , here we go again !

I said it Before , and I am going to say it again and again. H.E Y.K . Museveni has become the WEAKEST PRESIDENT that Uganda has had .

He soooo WEAK that even redstreet-workers ( bless them can manipulate him . Muluku Museveni has zero ideas , he Thinks that Everything can only be solved by cash .

Now , these damnned footballers become BLACK-MAILERS . They should never be awaraded for that .

If is is true that theirs was a genuine protest/ strike becauce they had not been paid , WHY THEY HELL can`t someone investigate that and find out who refused to pay them or ate their pay ??!!!!

Uganda can just no go on like this .
If we have 3 billion for black-mailors , why do we have pupils that study under trees ?

Why do we have "hispitals" like the one we saw in Mororo with rotten matresses ?
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+1 #2 Wooden K. 2019-07-09 13:30
Hello Uganda ,
I now want to blame the media . YOU also have betrayed your people !

A story like this one i.e , well fed people in yellow eating and sharing 3 billion , should be accompained by a photo of one of these "police stations" in the counrty .side ; a photo of one of those "schools" where 53 badly fed pupils sit in the floor infront of a "teacher" who has no shoes.

At least , show a photo of Aki Bua "Stadium" . and then ask what kind of logic in makes to pay 3 billion to a bunch of idiots when the places where football must begin are abandoned ?

Please please please , balance this boat and paint the correct picture of REAL UGANDA.

Trump is a tycoon ; USA is a very rich country. Think what Americans would say if the women who won the World Cup had demanded be awarded with cash.

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0 #3 Lakwena 2019-07-09 15:03
Since Mr. M7 categorically told the world that he is nobody's servant nor employee, and he is in State House, busy fighting only for himself and family; the title of this news item should have read: "the government/people of Uganda to rewarded the Uganda Crane players Shs.3 billion only.

Because of what he said above; Mr. M7 should never be allowed to take the credit for anything, of whatever nature he presides over.

That includes donation to the church: unless of course the money is from the sales of his cattle products in Rwakitura, Nyabusozi and Kisozi Ranch, or from his salary.

Otherwise, for being a liar, cheat and good for nothing, the man has for too long arrogated himself and taken credits for what he does not deserve.

In other words, it is high time Mr. M7 is denounced and stripped of all the honors and/or respect he has been receiving fraudulently.
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0 #4 rubangakene 2019-07-09 15:57
The President should stop making knee-jerk promises. If the Ministry concerned with overseeing sports in the country was "fit for purpose" these situations would not have arisen.

All these are happening when we are going going with "bowl in hand" begging money from the World Bank et al, and the old pensioners and children are dying needlessly because of financial and administrative myopia.
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+1 #5 kibedi nkuutu 2019-07-09 20:07
It is the so IRONIC that sometime back UBC requested for sh1bn to buy rights to air the football so that ALL UGANDANS COULD HAVE ACCESS and watch their team play.

No, there was no money then. We watched those matches thru other foreign channels. Noooow, our esteemed President has come out with the money, well a bit more than requested, and he has awarded (sorry, given) it all to our footballers. Hurray!

Well-done. Yes, the team performed extremely and we are grateful for the good work and sportsmanship that they showed.

But the govt should stop this issue of wanting to "buy names" for itself. The Cranes is a national team NOT a private team. On the up side...welldone the Cranes...
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0 #6 Wooden K. 2019-07-09 21:53
Alo Kibedi Nkutu , on what basis do you form an opinion that this bunch performed extremely( well) and you are grateful ?

They won only one match, and scored only 3 goals in 180 minutes for God`s sake !!!!!!

These people did not show and sportsmanship at all ; they refused to train or play unless they got more money. This is what mercinaries do .

Real sportsmen do not behave like that , afterall , these people had been given an expensive trip to Dubai . If they had money issues ,that is where they should have raised the issue and refused to travel to Cairo.

In Luganda , we say , "eyeyambudde , tatya n....."

You don`t go into somebody`s , bedroom , undress and then start causing trouble .

If you think that they performed extremely ( well) what will South Africa and Madagascar say then ?
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0 #7 juwait kali 2019-07-09 23:19
Wooden K has not been paying attention. Other wise he knows that this regime survives on make up and lipstick.
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0 #8 Wooden K. 2019-07-10 11:37
Juwait kali , you are the one not paying attention.

There is nothing in my comments that indicates that I do not know about make up and lipstick

Read my first comment Juwait kali !

Its me wrote this :He ( M7) Thinks Everything can only be solved by cash.
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0 #9 Sankara A 2019-07-11 09:48
#Juwait Kali, leave Wooden K with his understanding, it seems he uses direct translations, no idioms in wat he studied
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