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Man arrested for sodomising nine boys in Kamwokya

Simon Twesigye was arrested after the boys accused him of sodomy

Simon Twesigye was arrested after the boys accused him of sodomy

A 39-year old man has been arrested for allegedly sodomising nine minors.

Simon Twesigye, 30, a resident of Church Zone, Kamwokya was arrested by residents last week after one of the victims, a 7-year old boy confessed to have been sodomised by Twesigye.

One old woman whose grandson has been staying with Twesigye, reportedly fainted after discovering her grandson’s rectum raptured following the ordeal. James Kakooza, the Kamwokya II Parish and LC I chairperson of Church Zone, says that Twesigye was enticing the children with sweets, and roasted chicken.  

Six children confessed to have been abused at least twice, while two others say they were abused once. According to Kakooza, Twesigye would watch pornographic material with the children on his smartphone and then later ask them to do what they had just watched.   

"He had a small phone where he has been showing them obscene videos, pornography. He admitted that he was showing them videos, but on raping them, he denied. But the boys pinned him, telling him you did it on such and such a day. As per now, I know of nine he has abused. We have been seeing this man sitting with children but we never knew that he’s doing that. The man is too lovely to children and the children are all between 8-13 years and many of them are boys…One of the boys has had his anus ruptured, he can no longer hold feaces." said Kakooza. 

The shack where Twesigye has allegedly been sodomising the boys from

Police at Kira road has recorded statements from all the nine children. However, Kakooza says their parents have been asked to each pay Shs 30,000 by the police for medical examination and transport to hospital.

The parents said they could not afford the medical examination fees and asked well wishers to help. Rashid Bwoye, a neighbour to the suspect, says that Twesigye has been staying in the area for more than four months.  He says that Twesigye was usually seen in the company of children. 


+2 #1 WADADA roger 2019-07-08 23:15
Sodomy is still a crime under the laws of morality, culture and tradition as much as the laws of Uganda. This man with all due respect and unless he is challenged mentally should not be in police custody but 6 feet under, you know what i mean.

Let the donors crucify us if they think what he did is a human right. May be/may be not the situation would have been different if the kids were above 18 years.
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+1 #2 Rwasubutare 2019-07-09 10:48
Hand him to the public to be lynched instantly, without fail. Only the mob cannot b bribed
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0 #3 Lakwena 2019-07-09 11:07
In other words, the homosexuals (gay and lesbians, transgender, etc. BS) will jump on this one and say: you see, butt-head Simon Twesigye is naturally a homosexual therefore, entitled to the enjoyment of his human rights (human wrong) to sodomize kids.

Because it would have been better if he were not born' Simon Twesigye is just lucky. He should have been stoned to death, the Biblical old fashion way.
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