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Gen Muntu's party "surprised" by Mbarara police blockade

ANT youth engaging police at the venue

ANT youth engaging police at the venue

The leadership of Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) is "surprised" that police on Friday foiled their party meeting in Mbarara. 

Although blocking of opposition political parties is a normal practice, the ANT leadership says they were "surprised" by the police's actions because they followed the law to the latter by informing the police of their intended activities. Anti-riot police stormed Uncle Speed Gardens along Kakooba in Mbarara municipality where the meeting was scheduled to take place and ordered all participants to vacate immediately.

The meeting had attracted ANT members from Ankole and Kigezi sub-regions. Daniel Bukare, the ANT Youth League National spokesperson, says they were surprised by police decision to block their meeting even after clearing them. He says the top party youth leadership had traveled all the way from Kampala for the meeting only to be frustrated by the unlawful police orders. 

Bukara says one of the officers told them that they had received orders from their superiors to block the meeting.

"This is political in nature because we have seen this happening with other political parties but we thought maybe with our method of work [and] because we have engaged the police before, we wrote to police using our leaders we have here…and they were cleared. But surprisingly, these people [police] turned up and they had to disperse everybody and they are saying these were orders from above, we cannot have a political meeting. If we cannot meet and discuss matters of national concern, where is our future as Uganda because as youth this country belongs to us. If we don’t meet and dialogue and see problems that are cutting across in western Uganda, northern Uganda and we see how we are in position to build this conscience between us and how we can solve them"

Daniel Kafureka, the ANT coordinator for Ankole sub region, says he personally cleared with police and doesn’t know why their meeting was stopped. Rwizi Region police spokesperson, Samson Kasasira said without specifying that the meeting was called off because the organisers failed to meet all the requirements.

Former Forum for Democratic Party (FDC) party president Gen Mugisha Muntu quit FDC to go and found ANT after a clash of ideologies on how to wrestle power from President Yoweri Museveni's party, NRM. While FDC argued that you cannot build structures and practice normal political party politics under the current environment, Muntu and his ANT party argue that focusing solely on removing Museveni from power will create a power vacuum if structures are not built first. 


+2 #1 MR 2019-07-08 23:00
Clearance for political party activities is not done by police by from State House. Talk about moral corruption in Uganda's police force
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+1 #2 WADADA roger 2019-07-08 23:33
it is just the beginning..Am surprised the ANT group is surprised, its normal to be inconvenienced by the Police so long as you open your mouth and declare yourselves an opposition party,
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+2 #3 Karemire 2019-07-09 10:59
Quoting MR:
Clearance for political party activities is not done by police by from State House. Talk about moral corruption in Uganda's police force

Was Gen. Muntu also "Surprised"? Dear Muntu, it is one Gen Vs another. By the way, Dear Muntu, what is the name of the game?

Say it aloud, if you have the guts and the capability to stiffen your spine for it.

For me, one bushman is no replacement for another. I will be an amused spectator in that that game of yours, whatever it is.
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+2 #4 Lakwena 2019-07-09 11:23
Nene ne nine nene!

That it is now their (ANT's) turn to be blocked and frustrated by the same police and/or order from above; Dr. Besigye and FDC are now vindicated.

In other words, Gen Muntu and Co. will be pushed against the same wall, which Dr. Besigy/FDC have been pushed, until they snap into intolerable frustration, to join the defiance method that they thought and denounced to be the wrong method to eject the Junta and his oppressive apparatus from our State House.
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