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Pakistani national jailed for one year, 8 months for illegal entry

Mustafa Gitulam

Mustafa Gitulam

Mukono chief magistrate Juliet Hatanga has sentenced a 34-year-old Pakistani national to one year and eight months in prison for illegal entry into the country and working without a permit.   

Mustafa Gitulam was sent to Luzira prison after pleading guilty to the crimes. The prosecution lead by the senior resident state attorney Jonathan Muwaganya told court that Gitulam was arrested on June 15, 2019, in Nasuuti in Mukono Central Division where he has also been residing. 

Muwanganya told court that Gitulam has been involved in the business of photography since 2017 when he managed to sneak into the country. However, in his defence, Gitulam could not explain what he has been doing in the country.

Muwaganya asked court to give him a maximum punishment to discourage other non-Ugandans from illegally entering the country. Upon the conviction, Hatanga said the Gitulam should serve as an example to other foreigners intending to commit similar crimes.  



+1 #1 Amooti mugi 2019-07-05 14:37
That should also apply to South Sudanese, Congolese, who enter Uganda at will...
Remember Bin Laden hid for years in Pakistan??

I want to thank Mukono Chief Magistrate , Ms Hatanga, for that sentence that potentially deters interested in sneaking into the country
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+1 #2 Odongkara 2019-07-05 16:13
Quoting Amooti mugi:
That should also apply to South Sudanese, Congolese, who enter Uganda at will...
Remember Bin Laden hid for years in Pakistan??

I want to thank Mukono Chief Magistrate , Ms Hatanga, for that sentence that potentially deters interested in sneaking into the country

Agreed! South Sudanese and Congolese have made Uganda as their drinking joint where there aren't any rules for entrance and departure.

Osama bin Laden lived for years in Sudan and who knows could have entered Uganda then!!
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0 #3 Akot 2019-07-05 20:51
Museveni walked in Uganda, lived freely for years while preparing his war against Ugandans & is finalishing conquest of their country!

Is Mustafa Gitulam a danger to Ugandans or to Museveni?

How many rwandese are in Uganda without legal papers, but hoping, praying Museveni complets conquest & they have their second country?

How many refugees/migrants have UN-EU settled in Uganda illegally?

But, Uganda belongs to migrant Museveni who will leave Ugandans enemies of themselves & the rest of the world, as it's Ugandans handing matters for him!

Has court not locked up Dr Nyanzi for no valid reason & court is waiting for Museveni to tell it what to do with her?

It's Ugandans ensuring Museveni goes on in peace, right?

Why didn't Mustafa Gitulam come in as refugee/migrant so that Museveni-UN-EU help him?
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0 #4 Akot 2019-07-05 21:10
While Mustafa Gitulam was wrong for illegally living/working in Uganda, this does not make him a danger to Uganda/Ugandans!

Imprisoning Mustafa Gitulam while so many migrants & refugees continue to come to Uganda dayly even with inffectious diseaces in a country without National Healthcare won't change Ugandans' situation!

Is Mustafa Gitulam dangerous to Ugandans because he is not a migrant/refugee taken care of by Museveni-UN-EU?

Imprisoning Mustafa Gitulam makes Ugandans the demons to the outside world, as it's them handling affairs for Musevei who had no legal papers but is now their life time president!

Mustafa Gitulam is treated as ordinary Ugandan who is believed to be a danger to Museveni: Dr Besigye, mp Bobi Wine, Dr S.Nyanzi...!

Do Ugandans feel safe-live without fear now that Mustafa Gitulam is locked up because he had been terrorising, harassing them?
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0 #5 Akot 2019-07-06 20:21
Amooti mugi,

Understood, but,

Don't forget; Museveni entered Uganda illegally too!
Did Mustafa Gitula show he wanted to own Uganda & it's tax money?

Museveni made Uganda home for refugees/migrants while ensuring Ugandans have NO SAY, & it's Ugandans helping him/doing the dirty work that allows him to rule them for life!

The country we still call Uganda that was a Republic, was dismentled by restoration of tribal leaders' posts & Museveni who has no tribal land in the zone, is the chief tribal leader!

Museveni is going no where, because it's Ugandans ensuring he stays on & it's Ugandans who tried & imprisoned Mustafa Gitulam just as it was Ugandans who terrorised Dr Besigye, mp Bobi Wine & still do so to sister Dr Nyanzi, locked up, silenced for no reason!...
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0 #6 Akot 2019-07-06 20:31
...Buganda/Western Uganda gave base for Museveni to fight from! But today, will they do so?

Is there 1, even lame reason, for tribal leaders to keep Museveni on through the tribalistic system that allows no common National opposition leader?

Is it not Museveni, the only one who has a say in Uganda, used by UN-EU to make Uganda home for tribalists refugees/migrants at armed wars in their countries & are settled in Uganda tribalistically divided & ruled with Ugandans as slaves without say, but UN-EU say it's peaceful well governed?

What will UN-EU do if Ugandans who won't UNITE to throw Musevnei out, take to arms, like tribalist refugees/migrants they resettle in Uganda?...
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0 #7 Akot 2019-07-06 20:35
...Why imprison Mustafa Gitulam who is not a burdden to Uganda tax payers, when refugees/migrants imposed on Ugandans by Museveni-UN-EU are illegal tribalists rats, but are fed/clothed/accommodated... by UN-EU while Museveni gets 30% of money given to for them?

Ugandans serving Museveni & helping him stay on; tribal leaders, tax payers, should go on strike for salary rise as they ensure the dictator's post by doing evil work & will go to hell for, after living so well with Museveni!

The only decent, humane action for Museveni's court is to deport Mustafa Gitulam to Pakistani; if he is not wanted in Uganda, why lock in in Uganda prison, especially as he is not a criminal, didn't come for Museveni's place?

Court MUST also FREE sister Dr Stella & NOW!
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0 #8 rubangakene 2019-07-08 15:39
What example, he is just going to enjoy himself. These 'illegals' should do five years hard labour in prison camps dotted around the country; that is the real deterrent. there are thousand others still at large within the country who should be rounded up (operation 'panda- gari' comes to mind).

They think our country is some "low hanging fruit tree" where you can just slide in and carry on regardless. Or sack the ministers concerned!
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