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Protesting NRM youth drop yellow piglets in Jinja

One of the piglets

One of the piglets

Protestors on Tuesday dropped piglets on the streets of Jinja town. The NRM youth under their pressure group, Team No Sleep were protesting against party leaders whom they accuse of hypocrisy.

The five piglets which were all painted yellow and draped in nappies were dropped on Obote Avenue. The youth allege that they have made several proposals to meet the President Museveni over the pledges he made in 2016, but have been frustrated by the NRM leaders.

Ivan Maganda, the group’s chairperson faults Jinja West MP, Moses Balyeku of causing divisions between youth in the district. Maganda alleges that ever since Balyeku lost the district NRM chairperson race in 2015, he has sidelined all the youth who never supported him. 

Erick Mudhasi, the group’s secretary says that Balyeku has been at the forefront of mobilizing youth within NRM, but only roots for those in the neighbouring districts and ignores the youth from Jinja. On her part, Juliet Nanyojjo a group member says that the Jinja district NRM chairperson, Nathan Igeme is never in office which has caused divisions within the party.

“Our elected NRM district chairman, Hon. Igeme who is mandated with ensuring unity within the party is never available to unite warring factions which has given birth to more divisions amongst ourselves,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Balyeku dismissed all the allegations against him.

“I can’t address you extensively because I am out of the country, but all those accusations are false,” he said. 

However, Majid Dhikusooka, the NRM district deputy chairperson, advised youth to follow right channels while addressing their issues other than through protests.

“Our office has many departments including youth desk, therefore, youth should engage us first before resorting to strikes,” he says.  

The piglets were later seen being taken by street kids in Jinja town. 


+2 #1 Lakwena 2019-07-02 18:18
But the Jinja NRM youths are disturbing the piglets for nothing and wasting their time.

Their local leaders are busy doing exactly what they have heard and learnt from Mr. M7: being nobody's servant nor employee, and fighting only for themselves and families.

In other words, since Mr. M7, the head of state is a cheat, and cheats are never committed to honesty or fairness; why shouldn't the local NRM leaders also become cheats, and uncommitted service to the youths and/or people?

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0 #2 Akot 2019-07-02 20:52
Lakwena, agreed, yet,

NRM youths should by now know they too, are victims of the movement that lost it's meaning a long long time ago!

Uganda youths MUST walk out of every present divisive + 1 political parties & form ONE BODY - The old goons are going now where, but have assured the future of their own children while ignoring the rest of children!

Why not start UNITY by NRM youths doing so: say NO to thier selfish elders?

If developed countries go for UNITY to achieve common goals, why not Ugandans, especially as this will give them a start for a future?

Why go along with NRM that has destroyed Uganda so, made Ugandans, even kids, enemies of themselves?

NRM youths can start a new party, as this will give them legitimacy & Museveni's NRM won't use them nor pretend having their support, nor can silence them quietly from within!
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+2 #3 Lysol 2019-07-02 21:46
That is how the corrupt regime operates. Using (fake) NRM agents to divert attentions from it's internal turmoils.

It's also an insult and disrespectful to one Obote (RIP) Jinia was one of his beloved city, because he went to Muwiri College. Not to mention the once vibrant city at the source of the Nile with many industries.

Museveni destroyed all of them. Those fake NRM youth are jokers. Why not stump the State House itself. The HongKong way ? Ugandans are cowards and jokers.
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