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Police halts trial of officers implicated in Ssebulime murder

RIP: Ronald Ssebulime

RIP: Ronald Ssebulime

Police has halted disciplinary proceedings against three of its officers accused of shooting to death Ronald Ssebulime.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said the trial of police constables Ronald Opira, Ronald Baganza and Robert Cherotich, was halted and discussions are on-going with directorate of public prosecutions (DPP) and the police force. 

The DPP, last month wrote to the police advising that the trio be tried in police disciplinary tribunal since their commander, Cpl Edward Ssali, had confessed to the crime and a ballistic report proved that it was his gun that was used to kill Ssebulime.

Ssebulime was handcuffed, dragged on the ground and shot twice in the chest. Police responded by arresting four police officers for acting on false assassination alerts by state minister for Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Ida Nantaba on March 24.

Investigations commanded by SSP Bernard Muhumuza, revealed that Ssebulime was going to visit his children at St Andrews Kaggwa SS in Mukono. It was unearthed that the deceased was not trailing Nantaba with intent of killing her as she alleged. 

Cpl Ssali was charged with murder in April after he recorded an extrajudicial statement in regard to the crime. Ssebulime’s family through their lawyer, Muwada Nkunyingi, have since protested the DPP’s move insisting that they are accomplices in the killing of their relative and must face a full criminal trial.

The trio’s trial was to commence in Police Disciplinary Court (PDC) chaired, Denis Odongpiny, but it has since been halted for reasons yet-to-be established. 

Enanga had earlier told journalists that Opira, Cherotich and Baganza, would be tried disciplinarily because they tried to conceal information on how Ssebulime had been killed by Ssali but could not face criminal trial for crimes committed by their senior.  


+3 #1 Karemire 2019-06-10 23:55
Killings with IMPUNITY (full stop).
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+2 #2 Paulk 2019-06-11 07:59
This whole thing is a cover up by police to protect the mafia.

How can someone who murders another in cold blood and broad day light be tried in a disciplinary police court?

It's also clear the media has been threatened or compromised. Thay are not focusing on key questions of who gave the order to kill Sebulime?

All we are hearing is that the investigation done by a very corrupt police revealed that Sebulime was innocent and some gullible Ugandas are believing this!
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-5 #3 Wainainchi 2019-06-11 08:11
Very correct and wise decision. The killed person was making strange movements, trailing the MP and then runner Ng to the bushes.

Surely he was trying to do something bad. On the other hand the MP who was protected by the Police first was happy with the actin polymerization f and be Polic and then change the tune!!

She is playing politics and gambling with her own life How insincere and stupid is she!!!

Police must have had knowledge about the suspected terririst and maybe he was trying to attack them or even kill them.

Onltly they should have kept their cool,but again no body knows if he would have been released on bond run away and assassinate others So preventin is the best cure.Thimbs up for the Police.!!!Thank you officers in charge
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+1 #4 Remase 2019-06-11 15:37
"Ssebulime was handcuffed, dragged on the ground and shot twice in the chest."

There is no rule of law in Uganda. It's clear like day and night that Sebulime was innocent, but even if he was suspected to be with intentions to kill Nantaba, why was he killed.

He was caught and handcuffed, then shot dead! The same way M7 killed people during the bush war!

People were caught and tied their hands behind their back (Akadoya), then killed! Kyagulanyi's driver was killed by M7's SFC from orders from M7. t's safe to say that that bullet was meant to killed Kyagulanyi because it was directed to the passenger's side!

The British investigations revealed that it was M7 who was behind Kayira's assassination, therefore Sabalwanyi (Most violent person) only believes in violence and killing as the rule of law! It's clear that before Sebulime was killed, there was an order from above to shoot him, who made that order?

I mean M7 clearly knows who killed Kyagulanyi's driver, what did M7 do? Nothing!
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-1 #5 J Kiwanuka 2019-06-12 02:59
Some say that Nantaba gave the order to kill him. That Sebulime was passing by, got curious as to why a government car had stopped in that spot.

He went to have a look and that he saw Nantaba and her bodygurard were having sex or romancing each other in the car. He took a picture on his phone.

That is when they started chasing him.... got him took away the phone, the rest is history.

Why is the phone still missing? No one has mentioned the phone at all which had all the evidence. They took it from him and shot him in handcuffs as he was pleading for his life.
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