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BoU gives back to Bwizibwera

Some of the health officials at the function

Some of the health officials at the function

The cause of the high prevalence of disease is clear. It’s Poor hygiene and unhealthy lifestyles, Bank of Uganda officials told residents of the western village of Bwizibwera in Kashari, Mbarara district.

They said medical equipment and drugs in hospitals alone cannot guarantee good health. Susan Kanyemebwa, the secretary Bank of Uganda, said health is a function of many activities and efforts that start majorly at a personal level.

Kanyemebwa in a speech recently at the handover of medical equipment to Bwizibwera HC-IV officials in Mbarara district, said, “I therefore want to beseech us to embark on such lifestyles that will enhance our health for instance; good diet that can yield nutritional balance for our bodies, doing physical exercises however, small and maintaining good hygiene.”

Bank of Uganda handed over delivery beds, electric infant warmers, an electric sterilizer, suction pump, bacterial filter for an electric suction and oxygen concentrator. Oxygen cylinders, a foetal doper, delivery set, mattresses with a PVC cover, neonatal bed, drip stands, medicine trolley, neonatal and pediatric beds were also handed over.

She added; “Such simple but important lifestyles will help enhance our health and ultimately enable us not only to ably engage in productive economic activities but also to reduce the demand for the available medical services.”

Kanyemebwa said until this is done, even the medical equipment handed over to the facility may not improve the quality of the residents’ health if increased medical cases exert pressure on the available health facilities.

The bank also renovated the maternity ward and theatre, built a water harvesting and piping system and did the solar wiring for the blood fridge. Dr Louis Kasekende, the BoU deputy Governor, said the donations were in part commemoration of the bank’s golden jubilee.

“We chose the health sector for two reasons; first that our interventions such as this Bwizibwera facility are being replicated across the eight upcountry areas that host BoU Centers would benefit a large segment of the population and mirror BoU’s national character,” he said.

Dr Louis Kasekende, the BoU deputy Governor addressing the residents

He also said the other reason is the undeniable impact improved health has on the growth and development prospects of our country through improving labour productivity.

“Various empirical research studies have found that health expenditures and health outcomes have a significant impact on growth and incomes per capita, either directly or indirectly,” he added.

Kasekende added; “Better health through easier access to quality health care can reduce the disease burden and the associated costs thereby allowing more time for households to attend to economic activities, earn more and perhaps save and invest more.”

He also requested the administrators of the health facility to prudently manage it, safeguard the equipment so that it can be used for a long period. Peter Sebutinde, the district health officer, Mbarara, said some sections also need help since some equipment are depleted and outdated.

“The outpatient department (OPD) is limping and almost out, the surgical wards are in poor shape so we need more support in those areas,” he said.


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