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Woman admits to falsely accusing artist Geosteady of child neglect

Noreen Nalubega

Noreen Nalubega

A woman is in trouble for falsely accusing local singer, Geoffrey William Kigozi aka Geosteady of child neglect. 

Noreen Nalubega was arrested and detained at Katwe police station on charges of giving police false information. The suspect is a resident of Masajja zone, Makindye Sabagabo Municipality in Wakiso district. 

Trouble for Nalubega started when she dragged Geosteady to Katwe police station claiming that he had neglected the child she sired with him.

In his statement, Geosteady distanced himself from Nalubega, saying he's never had anything to do with her. He told police that he was ready to support the child if Nalubega provides proof that they have ever met anywhere or had any sexual relationship.

On Tuesday, Nalubega caused a scene when she dramatically rolled on the ground when Geosteady visited Masajja zone together with his father and police. She insisted that the artist is the biological father of her two-year-old child.  

Police advised Geosteady to conduct a DNA test to settle the matter, which he readily accepted. The duo drove to MBN Clinical Laboratories on Nakasero road for the test. However, while at MBN, Nalubega informed police that she knew the biological father of her child but only wanted to get money from the singer leading to her arrest.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango says Nalubega is being held on charges of giving police false information.  

“She has told us that her child’s real father is Joshua Nyanzi Mukasa. We talked to Mukasa and he told us that he has been taking care of his child. Nalubega also accepts Mukasa takes care of his child,” Onyango said.

Mukasa has since recorded a statement over the matter, saying he wasn’t aware that Nalubega was giving his child to another man. 

Onyango has warned members of the public against using the force to tarnish other people’s reputation. He says the prosecution of Nalubega will serve as an example to others who might be having similar schemes of creating stories against public figures with intentions of getting money.

“Please don’t think you will use police to spoil other people’s names. We are charging her with giving false information,” Onyango said.     
According to police, Nalubega might have fabricated the story with the hope that the artist will pay for her silence to protect him name.



0 #1 WADADA roger 2019-05-17 16:15
I beg to differ, i think the artist has compromised the lady to change her story, the other father is artificial and i think he is a proxy to the artist.

But how long can such a secret be sustained. That story had been running on Sanyuka Tv and in the news papers, The artist was simply pulling off a publicity stunt which i think he managed to achieve. where was the true father to tell the world the whole truth. Police should have gone ahead to conduct a DNA test and rule out any lies.
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0 #2 Amooti mugi 2019-05-17 21:40
That,unfortunately for the uninitiated, is the Calibre of Ugandan young ladies we have today!!!

Many are surviving on lies and have no name to protect....

As a deterrent, she should pay for double crossing Ugandans by serving a sentence which I'd deterrent enough
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