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Mob raids church belonging to Alice Lakwena's father

Residents of Acut Omer village in Gulu district have a set ablaze worship materials of the New Jerusalem Tabernacle Church.

The church belongs to Severino Lukoya Kiberu, the father to the late Alice Lakwena, the former rebel leader and founder of the Holy Spirit Movement that battled President Museveni's government in earlier years.

The angry mob led by the area LC I chairperson, Geoffrey Oringa burnt the crucifix, Shea butter gourds, stones, water and money that had been assembled in the church compound on Wednesday evening .  

They accused the church leaders of involving themselves in cult practices, which include sprinkling of water and smearing Shea butter on worshipers allegedly to protect them from bad omen and preaching a false gospel about heaven.   

Oringa said the practices remind him of Lakwena who used the same items to lure them into rebellion, saying they would overpower government troops. He says he narrowly survived death on the war front after being tricked into believing that he was protected from the bullets. 

Richard Watmon, the Pukony sub county LC III explains that the incident followed a resolution by the sub county security committee held in April this year where it was resolve to block the operations of the church. 

He says the leadership of New Jerusalem Tabernacle Church had started erecting a foundation without informing the sub county and local authorities. The New Jerusalem Tabernacle Church ministry is spread all over northern Uganda.

Lukoya claims the church is registered with government as a legal entity and that he was chosen by God in the eighties to spread his word. He says that he had a vision while in prison, to save the world by preaching the gospel of the new heaven. In 2014, authorities attempted to close the church for allegedly practicing mysterious activities and strange rituals - including discouraging their followers from seeking treatment from hospitals.



+2 #1 Lakwena 2019-05-16 17:03
In other words, there is no freedom of conscience and worship in Acut Omer (the Vulture is drunk), Gulu.

Otherwise, even Jesus was accused of being a cult leader, under the influence of Beelzebub the Prince of Darkness, misleading the people. He was condemned to death by crucifixion and his disciples scattered.

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0 #2 Akot 2019-05-16 19:11
Lakwena, thankis!

Humans have & continue to prove they are jealous of God & want to turn his goodness into fith! Humans have gone as far as twisting the worlds of the Bible to turn them into what they want!

Control of others, what they have...is what so many do in the name of God!

There is no liberty to just live as God tells us through the Bible, but we rot each other's life, even in the name of God, forgetting that Dod is Love, Respect, Living Together...!

Funny, we even forget that each one answers for his/her deeds to God!
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+2 #3 rubangakene 2019-05-16 21:54
These "pretenders" are all over the place and we continue to condone them because "they are the only solace left" after everything has gone haywire in this country.

They come in all shapes and from every other parts of the world; USA, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria, Busoga as well as the big seat of the government.

They use "tongues to hoodwink the helpless masses into parting with their money, virtues, you mention it, they have tongues of fire. The earlier we start dealing with them the better!
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