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Ugandan netizens ’celebrate’ death of minister Kibuule’s twins

RIP: Roman Kato and Rayden Wasswa

RIP: Roman Kato and Rayden Wasswa

A section of Ugandans has bizarrely taken to social media to bemock grieving state minister for Water and Environment, also Mukono North MP, Ronald Kibuule.

The two-year-olds, Roman Kato and Rayden Wasswa drowned in a family swimming pool in Mbalala, Mukono yesterday evening. While many have empathized with the minister and his wife, some have used the tragedy to remind the minister about his past transgressions. 

Below are some of the picks from Twitter. There are even more unprintable reactions on Facebook. (Editors note: while we do not approve of the idea to bemock anyone grieving loss of life no matter your perceptions about them, it is also important to bring out these reactions from the populace for self-reflections and guidance on the direction that the nation needs to take forward).  


0 #11 Silomethro 2019-05-14 23:48
My Dear, He is even the Minister of Water and Environment.

He should then have known more about Water & the Environment. Tragic but pain is dispensed in different forums.
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0 #12 Akao 2019-05-15 03:02
Quoting WADADA roger:
Kibuule set a death trap at home by constructing a swimming pool without any barriers, who did he expect to be the victim, a drunkard or his own kids.

I ask Ugandans to forgive this guys for all his commissions and omissions, after all, he is just human

I agree with you @ Wadada Roger. That's the problem with Ugandans politicians with doing everything amateurish, just like roads built with no maintenance follow up, or hospitals built with no drugs or workers in.

And you find them pushing their pot bellies going to other countries to learn nothing with tax payers money. May the twins RIP
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0 #13 Odongkara 2019-05-15 20:48
[quote name="Mama Mia"]
Please know that you are not the only one who can insult others but you can as well be insulted,

Having different political views doesn't make one a criminal that you go personal insulting honest citizens.

You are a total disgrace to the NRM by your such utterances. Idiot and street Malaya.
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