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Museveni warns Bobi Wine, Besigye over 'hate speech'

President Museveni addressing the gathering

President Museveni addressing the gathering

President Yoweri Museveni has warned Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine that he will continue to be blocked from holding public rallies and music concerts until he stops preaching hate to Ugandans. 

Museveni has weighed on the contentious issue of public rallies and assemblies, and said those who preach hate and disunity amongst Ugandans will not be allowed under his government.

Opposition politicians especially four-time presidential candidate Kizza Besigye and the popular Bobi Wine have lately faced the full wrath of police and the army for holding public assemblies in different parts of the country. Bobi Wine has had several of his music concerts cancelled or blocked by police. 

Museveni boasted in the statement that, as it has happened in the past, those who preach hate will always "pay the full price" for holding illegal assemblies and processions. Besigye has been dragged out of several radio stations in the past weeks and his public rallies blocked while Bobi Wine is battling a court case for alleged disobedience of statutory duty, when he held an anti social media tax in 2018.

He was arrested while in a procession enroute to police headquarters to record a statement last week and arraigned before court. He was later remanded before being granted bail on Thursday. Among his bail conditions, the legislator is not allowed to engage in unlawful assemblies although the MP warned that he will not slow down in his quest for justice and freedoms for all Ugandans. 

Museveni said by allowing hate preachers to carry on unabated, terrorism and violent activities have thrived in countries such as Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Norway which has led to the murdering of a lot of people and loss of property (looting). 

"You cannot be rallying and processioning for an illegitimate reason  preaching lies, preaching sectarianism, preaching hate. Those [countries] who made mistakes to tolerate such bogusness, paid a heavy price." said Museveni. 

"Did you see the massacre in New Zealand? How about the ones in Sri Lanka recently, in France, in Belgium, in Norway etc.?  How about the mega problem that occurred in Rwanda? These tragedies in those areas started with pseudo – and bogus preachers." Museveni added. 

The president said those who want to assemble publicly or hold procession must have a legitimate reason but those who preach hate or want to decampaign investments and progress in Uganda will not be allowed. 

"Those who have ignored this logic have paid a heavy price. Besides, it is really criminal to get actors who create unnecessary controversy when Uganda is making so much progress. Of course, there are also problems. However, the problems we have today are problems in progress.  The problems we had in the past were problems in decline of the economy and country." Museveni said. 

Museveni said although there are problems in country, for one to say that Uganda is collapsing and declining is dishonest or uninformed.   

Museveni said although Bobi Wine is among those who preach hate, police should not have broken his car windows to arrest him, but should have just towed his car to wherever they wanted him. Police used gun butts to break into Bobi Wine's vehicle to arrest him on Easter Monday at his One Love Beach in Busabala. Bobi Wine had defiantly driven there after his music concert got blocked by police over security reasons. He was later placed under house arrest for about a week. 

Bobi Wine last month called upon Ugandans to rise up and protest against Museveni's government so as to bring an end to what he called misery under the NRM government. Besigye has also said his upcountry rallies and radio programmes are aimed at undoing Museveni's lies about the country's progress. 

In a speech at the launch of book cataloging the gains the Muslim community has made under the NRM government, Museveni advised Bobi Wine to go to Somalia and hold his music concerts from there. 

"Our development is hinged on the peace we have created. The jobs are coming because of this peace and stability. That is why it is suicidal for anyone to try and destabilise this peace. I hear some entertainers claim Uganda is not peaceful. They should go to Somalia and do concerts there,” he said.

Read full statement here 


+1 #31 rubangakene 2019-05-07 18:38
Look who is speaking now; is he not the one who called the Moses Alis "anyanyas, the okellos, these northerners etc,."

Who is he kidding? He is the divisive factor in Uganda politics and is time is up. The people will decide through PEOPLE POWER COMES THE DAY!
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0 #32 Wooden K. 2019-05-07 18:57
I challege Mukulu Museveni to quote only one line in which Bobi Wine or Besigye preached hate , and I will quote 1222 lines where Museveni not only preached hate , but indeed practiced "hate".

This business in Rwanda massacre has its origins . Some "haters " knew exactly what would happen if they invaded Rwanda and shot down Habyabirimana`s plane. One day , the TRUTH will come out.

And then , enters OJ Incredible !!!!

Oh My God , this one gets impressed when a well known village arsonist accuses and blåmes the ones who talk about matches
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0 #33 Paul K 2019-05-07 19:08
Im sick and tired of this liar but finally there is someone who has galvanised the whole country to stand up to him and he is now panicking.

Let him first explain who murdered kayiira, Noble mayombo, Kazini, Nyakayirma, Ayume, Cerina Nebanda, Kaweesi, Kirumira, Moslem sheiks etc.

Not to mention the killing of innocent civilians luweero triangle and northern Uganda and blaming Obote and Kony for everything (read another fine mess by Elen Epstein if in doubt) This guy is very shameless, disgusting and pathetic but his days are numbered.
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-1 #34 Willy 2019-05-08 09:05
Bobi Wine, Besigye and other Ugandan else have a legitimate right to hate or preach against Museveni's dictatorship, corruption and nepotism.
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-1 #35 Wainanchi 2019-05-08 14:26
Of course I m not paying attention to liars and smelly rats lie Lakwena and others.

I will only say this. Mister president, you are a good man and man of the people and for the people.

You have shown that for a long time and you have buidling and develping Uganda for a long log time.

We ememebr Uganda being poor and underdevloped not so log ago, and now it is one of the leaders in rgion.

Of course you cannot satisfy and make successful everyone.But everyone has to work hard and get money by deeds not by lies and deceit.

Crush all snakes and liars Mr President.Do not give them air t breathe.Forward Museveni.

Forward Uganda. Forward NRM, Forward UPDF, forward good and hardworing Ugandans and patiot.

Down with spies, haters, saboteurs and thives.Uganda must weed its poison plants from its land.

No violence and hate must be allowed to fool the people and to disorient them. Put behin the bars al mujaye and saboterus Mr President.Time is now!!
Do not give them air and space to breathe.
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0 #36 Wainanchi 2019-05-08 14:29
Assholes! Uganda democracy is in action by allowing you thugs and rats to publish this nonsense and spread lies and you are coached to to that.

However, we are focused on the ball and we lead the game.Sorry you are on the losing side.Trust me!
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+1 #37 Remase 2019-05-08 17:05
Wooden K. What's wrong with pointing out that Mengo/Mayiga/Mutebi, call it the triple M, support M7 and they are part of the reason why M7 has overstayed in power?

Could point out one reason why I shouldn't keep pointing out the the triple M7 are in favor of maintaining the status quo because they are in a comfortable zone.

Mayiga and Mutebi are protected by the army! Yet, people sacrificed their blood and lives to get rid of the army to work as police or an internal security.

Wooden K, we all love the Buganda Kingdom as an institution, however, the triple M's love for M7 is a big problem for Uganda.
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0 #38 Wooden K. 2019-05-09 12:23
Muganda wange Remase ,
there is absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out anything as long as it is not done in a silly, infantlie and obsessive rant.

I could say that there is nothing wrong with drinking waragi untill it makes you an alcholic .

Let be straingh with you ; your claim to "love Buganda as an instution" becomes senseless if you are incapable of grasping how instutions operate.

Let me add : you Ramese lack the capacity and the means to set up a frontal confrontation between Mengo/ Buganda with the current dictatorship.

Better find another hobby .
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