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Court registrar faces suit over assaulting journalist

Fred Waninda

Fred Waninda

Fred Waninda, the acting Commercial court registrar in charge of planning, performance and development is in trouble for allegedly assaulting a journalist.  

The Uganda Journalist Association (UJA) through their lawyers of Kiiza and Mugisha Company Advocates are finalizing consultations to sue Waninda for allegedly slapping Hannington Kisakye, a journalist attached to Smart 24 Television on Wednesday.  

Waninda was caught on camera slapping Kisakye in the face for recording him while exiting the Commercial court where he had testified on allegations of forging an agreement with intentions of grabbing land belonging to Charles Mulindwa, a resident of Bugujju in Mukono municipality.  

Kisakye says the registrar damaged his camera's lens. According to Kisakye, he rushed to the Central Police Station Kampala to file a case of assault, but the officers declined to record his complaint.   
Eric Yiga, another journalist who witnessed the scuffle, says the court officer attempted to assault him when he inquired why he had attacked Kisakye.

When contacted for his side of the story, Waninda said that he was having his wonderful lunch and would talk about the nonsense at the right time.  
"Who invited him, how was he insulted? Who witnessed that? Where is the camera? I’m having my wonderful lunch, let me talk with you that nonsense at a later time." Waninda said. 
Arnold Mukose, the in charge of media, safety and human rights at Uganda Journalist Association, says their lawyers have already prepared a suit against the court registrar. He says they intend to file a case of assault against the court official before the High court next week. Solomon Muyita, the judiciary spokesperson said he needed more time to consult on the matter.    

“I need to first get more information on this matter. I had no information whatsoever about it at the time you contacted me,” he said in a text message.  


+1 #1 Jonathan Luyirika 2019-04-26 16:41
Waninda is a good student of Major General Matayo Kyaligonza. He is an excellent student ,not over zealous
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+2 #2 Apollo 2019-04-26 21:22
This man is responsible for many tears and mental anguish for many people.

If the Judiciary wishes to establish the many wicked and questionable decisions, actions, omissions and commissions by this man, it should set up a general enquiry file at the responsible office at the Judiciary. It will be overwhelmed with complaints.
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+2 #3 Ugthinker 2019-04-27 20:00
Journalists in Uganda are abused simply because they don’t appreciate the power they have!

The impunity with which those with and without power do what they do wouldn’t get where it is if we had sound journalism. But all you read about most are paid for stories.

Therefore when these journalists fall victims of the abuse they have, out of negligence helped create, naturally not much sympathies will be accorded.

If the media can change governments, who is Waninda, Byandala, policemen etc? They can be taught a good lesson if journalists were to wakeup from their perfunctory conduct!
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