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Police summons Bobi Wine for defying IGP's orders

Bobi Wine addressing mourners in Bugiri

Bobi Wine addressing mourners in Bugiri

The Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) has summoned Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine on accusations of inciting violence.

In summonses signed by senior commissioner Joseph Obwana on behalf of CID director assistant inspector general of police (AIGP) Grace Akullo, Kyagulanyi is accused of defying the inspector general of police Martins Okoth Ochola who had earlier cancelled the 'Kyarenga Extra' music concert. 

Kyagulanyi has been ordered to appear at CID headquarters in Kibuli on Friday at 2pm. Akullo’s summon to Kyagulanyi is titled; Invitation for interview and statement recording vide Katwe CRB: 646/2019 (incitement to violence and unlawful assembly).

“Inquiries are being conducted in the above-quoted reference whereby on the 22/04/2019, you were allegedly involved in inciting violence and unlawful assembly in defiance of the inspector general of police guidelines during the preparation of Kyarenga Extra concert in Busabala,” reads the summons in part.

Ochola on Easter Sunday issued a letter through the police director of operations AIGP Asuman Mugenyi cancelling Bobi Wine’s Easter Monday concert on grounds that his previous music concerts held at the same beach fell short of security guidelines.

The police chief stated that Kyagulanyi's shows have severally turned into a public nuisance, violated traffic rules and regulations and caused other misconducts, which don’t only breach law, but also endanger the lives of other people who are not even part of his music events.

Since Monday, Kyagulanyi has been under house arrest but today Thursday he managed to sneak out and travel to Bugiri to attend the burial of former Bugiri district chairman Siraji Lyavala.

In Bugiri, Kyagulanyi told mourners that he was compelled to attend the burial because Lyavala was a dependable leader who believed in democracy. Kyagulanyi adds that the deployment of police officers around his home is illegal and he vowed to continue demanding for freedom. 

Kyagulanyi said as a law abiding citizen, his 'escape' from his own home was not to encourage further escapes from prison by others but that he was forced to do it, because the security siege to his home is illegal. As the news of Kyagulanyi's escape became a topic of discussion on social media during the day, police said he was actually freely allowed to leave his home because they saw no reason as to why they should continue to have him locked up in his own house. 

On Wednesday, the state minister for Internal Affairs Mario Obiga Kania told parliament that Kyagulanyi was a free man but only within the confines of his home because the state suspects that he committed a crime. 


-1 #11 Wainanchi 2019-04-28 10:05
You can call me Ray, you can call me Jay, you can call me Kizza Ezza, you can call me Bobi Dingo Dog,and it is all the same.

Foreign mercenaries and thugs with one aim only to destabilise Uganda and NRM government.

Inly when those thugs think of helping and working for Uganda shoulder to shoulder with NRM we can believe that they love Uganda and genuinely want to help their country

Is there any major project they have done for the past 30 years aside from demonstrating and sabotaging Uganda Where is Bobi s leadership to bring billions of dollars to Uganda?

He is getting thousands of dollars to give to young people to rebel and make chaos and not to work for Uganda and bills Uganda That is why we do not accept them and that is why Uganda security must block and ptec by themNeera neera Mzee Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
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0 #12 Wainanchi 2019-04-28 13:18
So the name of the game is like this.

Do not help and invest into Uganda , put it on it knees, cause misery and revolt and blame NRM government,On the other side, fuel disent, funnel the money to foreign merceneries to preach and attack NRM and its leaders.

Again and again, how much money did Western countries put in Uganda and hoe much China ,India and other friends.>?

I would ask NRM government to give us figures. Look at Kampala Entebbe expressway. Just today there is news that our Government i starting to pay the loan to Chinse government

Look at the highways, hydro power eletric dams, bridges, Jinja Bridge, many factories financed by China.

Give me an example of Western financed factories , only BAT, producing harmful tobacco is one of their investments.India has many, just to name sugar plantations, factories ,Mukvano, and others....Questions? No, thank you for your time.Sit and relax mujayee!!
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0 #13 Zaitun 2019-04-28 18:23
It puzzles me as to why police officers from the north, with names beginning with "O" are all that happy to be at the front of such silly police orders.

You will pay heavily tomorrow for displaying your ingorance for being stooges in a government that is rapidly falling apart.!

Look around and see how you are being used and given dry bones to chew while those who enjoying the fat meat are in utter silence, using you as if you have become dogs obeying orders without questioning?

Why not use men and women from the president's home area since every big man is from his home area, all commanding in Runyankole ?
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