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Three Kira road accident victims die

Wreckage of one of the vehicles that were involved in the accident

Wreckage of one of the vehicles that were involved in the accident

Three of the 30 victims in yesterday's Kira road accident have passed on. Police today confirmed the death of Phillipah Musimenta, Jude Ddamulira as well as Anthony Wakasada. Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said that two people died in the wee hours of Thursday while the third person died at around 9am today. 

Police also said more victims have since checked into Mulago hospital for treatment, rising the number from the initial 18 to 30 people. The accident involved at least 8 vehicles & two motorcycles.

The accident occurred at around 5pm yesterday when an old L8000 Ford truck reg UAA 497L believed to be a 1970 model carrying building materials failed to brake and rammed into stationary vehicles at the traffic lights junction.

A source at Mulago said 16 victims have already been transferred by their relatives to other hospitals. Police identified the vehicles involved in accident as UAA 497L, two taxis UAW 100S and UBA 185J. Other vehicles include UAS 905T a KIA Maroon, UBA 152H a Noah, UAS 511L a Nadia, UAR 679S and UAR 673L Premio.

“Two motorcycles were also involved in this accident. They include UEW 146R and UES 363Z. We shall update the public if we get more information about this accident and condition of victims,” Onyango said.

Inside the causality ward at Mulago, doctors were doing everything possible to save the lives of the victims. Efforts to get details regarding the ownership of the truck that caused the accident were futile as Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) had not yet replied to our request. Onyango also said they were waiting for URA's response regarding the registration and ownership. One person believed to be the driver of the ill fated truck has been arrested. 


0 #1 Lakwena 2019-04-26 07:49
In other words, we very many psychos behind the wheel on our road. Therefore, we are susceptible to such a tragic end to life.

It is unimaginable the heartbreak to the loved ones left behind. May their souls be at peace.
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0 #2 Ensi eno!! 2019-04-27 20:24
What a tragedy and loss of young useful lives!

There are very many 1950 model FIAT trucks in town that carry heavy containers around and many have caused accidents!

Why can't the works ministry and Police de-register such trucks and get them off the road yesterday? Are they waiting for them to first kill someone important so that they take action?
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