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Fmr Peru president dies after shooting self over $100,000 bribe

Police stand guard outside a hospital where Peru's former President Alan Garcia was taken after he shot himself, in Lima, Peru

Police stand guard outside a hospital where Peru's former President Alan Garcia was taken after he shot himself, in Lima, Peru

Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia died in a hospital Wednesday after he shot himself in the head as police tried to arrest him over bribery allegations.

The 69-year-old Garcia was president twice, from 1985-1990, and again from 2006-2011. The South American country's current president, Martin Vizcarra, expressed his sympathy on his Twitter account.

"Distraught over the death of ex-president Alan Garcia. I send my condolences to his family and loved ones," Vizcarra wrote.

Garcia had been undergoing emergency surgery at a Lima hospital, suffering cardiac arrest three times before dying. He was accused of taking bribes from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht during the construction of Lima's metro while he was serving his second term.

He denied any wrongdoing. Garcia contended he was the victim of false testimony by political enemies who accused him of taking more than $100,000 from Odebrecht disguised as a payment to speak at a conference in Brazil.

In 2016, the company admitted in a plea agreement with the U.S. Justice Department that it won lucrative public works contracts throughout Latin America by paying nearly $800 million in bribes.

As the investigation unfolded, Garcia tried to seek asylum in Uruguay. He stayed there for a little more than two weeks, but Uruguay rejected his asylum request, rebuffing his claim that he was being targeted politically.

"In Peru, the three branches of government function freely and autonomously, especially in the case of judicial power," Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez said.

All but one living former Peruvian head of state are being investigated in connection to the Odebrecht scandal. A week ago, former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was detained for alleged money laundering linked to the investigation.


+1 #1 Lakwena 2019-04-18 10:47
In other words, because of their corruption, which cause so much suffering of the citizens; I wish some, if not all our cursed 33-year corrupt leaders also started shooting themselves in the ear and rested in peace.
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+1 #2 Kelly 2019-04-18 11:37
Do the Peruvian laws allow the prosecutor to go after his next of kin starting with the “Marcos Imelda”, first daughters, first son, his brother who may by coincidence also be the head of the reserve force in Peru, his brother in law who may have also been the foreign affairs minister and other close allies?

Only then can those with ill-gotten wealth though siphoning state coffers realize that there is no hiding anywhere
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+1 #3 rubangakene 2019-04-18 21:10
HARAKIRI - The Japanese method, doing the right thing falling on your own sword.

Although this method acts to cleanse the perpetrator, we in Uganda think it might never work because a lot of people suffered and died because of such selfish and heinous crime!

Some oriental countries would like to see and witness the agony on such criminals by feeding them to dogs; that should be deterrent enough here!
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-1 #4 kabayekka 2019-04-19 11:13
One fails to see the benefit of the removal of term limits and age limits for Presidents to continue ruling countries until they kick the bucket.

Actually this one should have shot himself in the foot! Probably so that he could get another good excuse to stand for President a third time.
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0 #5 Odongkara 2019-04-19 14:14
Sam Kutesa should shoot himself 500'000 times
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0 #6 Akot 2019-04-20 20:53
Lakwena, understood, but,

Museveni has what he dreamed of with tax money bang right on time & in peace; so why would he kill himself especially as he will NEVER, as Amin was, be brought to any justice?

Will Ugandans getting hand outs from Museveni, those who get healthcare outside the country, those bought off... be brought to justice & by who?

Will Acholi bring their tribal leader-elites to justice for helping Museveni loot the country?

What if Museveni concludes conquest of terrirtory befroe he dies of old age, to whom will Uganda belong, if not to his family?

Unless by then, Museveni shall have sold off the country to Nigeria, China...!
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0 #7 Akot 2019-04-20 21:01
Kelly, understood, but,

You forget; Amin stole so much from Uganda, lived on it in Saudi Arabia, was kept alive through machines until the money dried off, then the machine keeping him alive was switched off.

So, while Amin got ealthcare in Uganda while dictating, he still used Uganda money outside for his healthcare, right?

But Museveni will rule till he drops dead of old age & his family will take over.
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0 #8 Akot 2019-04-20 21:16
rubangakene, understood, but,

You forget Museveni has no tribal land in Uganda, so has no reason to kill himself, but will live where ever he will chose in another country, as he has the money he steals from Uganda!

Amin didn't go back to Sudan as he never really knew that country & never thought of coming back-his body was not broguht back to Uganda has he had no tribal land in the country waiting for his body for burial.

But migrant Museveni didn't want Dr Obote's body brought back for burial in Uganda which was so sickening!

Yet, it was Dr Obote who made it easy for Museveni to live in Uganda - the Dr Obote even respected & made Museveni more at home in Uganda than he did to Acholi!

Yet, now, are Ugandas at home on the tribal lands they still believe belong to them?
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0 #9 Akot 2019-04-20 21:45
Fmr Peru president did the only act he believed would save his family & keep it out of continued humiliation through the trial.

When Museveni's war dogs killed by youngest brother in 1986, the one older than him committed suicide as he couldn't live though it - he cried for days & nights asking why they didn't kill him instead!

Libyan Kadhafi said he would never leave his country & was found & killed while hiding in an underground hole, when he could have taken plane & flown out of the country. Was this not suicide in another way?

Why do justice/governments not just take the stolen money & invest in the young through education-job creation, instead of wasting time trying the said thieves in court, while no one knows where the money is, yet every one wants them punished!

Fmr Peru president has ensured his family is safe: not even Peru justice dept knows where the money is.
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0 #10 rubangakene 2019-04-23 18:37


You have actually misquoted me; I didn't say, "Museveni should 'kill himself'." I said, any perpetrators in Uganda of corrupt crimes!
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