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NRM launches full throttle ‘Sole candidate’ campaign

President Museveni

President Museveni

Urged on by the party hierarchy, several NRM officials are in full campaign mode with sights set on the 2021 presidential election.

While the outward intention is to largely popularize a second President Museveni sole candidacy in 2021, the underlying mission is to diminish Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s presidential bid.

Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, was the focus of speeches of Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire in Mbarara on Saturday and minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Ephraim Kamuntu in Kyotera on the same day. Otafiire, who was launching Museveni’s 2021 sole candidacy, called Kyagulanyi an agent of colonialists while in Kyotera, the gathering was told that leading the country does not require a novice.

Kamuntu travelled to Kyotera with Youth and Children Affairs state minister Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to beef up minister of state for Microfinance, Harunah Kyeyune Kasolo who was celebrating three years since he launched his community development organization, Kasolo Foundation. The musician-turned-politician appears to have won over many youthful hearts and minds in Kyotera.

“You may say that Museveni is aged, but he has a youthful cabinet he works with, and even the youth who you want to replace him will need old people to work with in government,” Kasolo said.

Kasolo likened Museveni to former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson whose departure from the stewardship of the English Premier League giants led to a slump in the club’s performance.

“Museveni is the Ferguson of our Uganda; we don’t want to be like Manchester United that forced Ferguson out only to call him back as an advisor when they realized things are not moving well,” Kasolo said.

He said Uganda risked going back to the days of political turmoil once Museveni leaves.

“Those calling for change are targeting your cattle, goats and cars; a time will come when you will long for the person who can guarantee the country’s security and the security of your properties but it will be too late. Being a president is not a game of trial and error,” Kasolo said.

Ministers and locals sang and danced to music from Kream Productions. Kasolo is using music to endear himself to his youthful constituents – who seem to have a strong liking for Kyagulanyi’s People Power.

Some of the messages against Bobi Wine were channeled through poems and a book; Yellow Power.


Kamuntu first sang a praise song for Museveni before he explained why NRM’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) passed a resolution, which was later ratified by the party MPs last month, declaring Museveni as the ruling party’s sole candidate.

“We have already ring-fenced the presidency for Museveni because of his experience and competence to run the country; that is why we unanimously endorsed him as our sole candidate for 2021 and beyond,” Kamuntu said, adding that the country needs result-oriented leaders.

He lauded Museveni’s investment in the country’s infrastructural development as well as maintaining a stable and secure country.

“If a party is doing all that, what other purposes do these other parties serve for you to remain there?” Kamuntu asked.

At Chobe Safari Lodge on February 19, members of the NRM CEC recognized Museveni as the theoretician and principal strategist of the party whom they resolved to “emphatically recommend” to the party’s membership to continue leading the party and the country in 2021 and beyond.   

Effective this month, the party plans to further sell the resolution to members of its district conferences in preparation for its national delegates’ conference scheduled for November during which the resolution will formally be adopted.



0 #11 Wooden K. 2019-04-04 11:10
Good morning Kabayekka !

Those 400 millions + will be spent on financing "HUMAN SHIELDS" that will get the blows while Ssabalwanyi stands behind and waits to be declared Life President.

Like it was in 1980 under Obote , Before even the "elections" get to begin , there will be lots and lots of "human Shield MPs that will come through "unopposed".

This "full throttle sole candidate" Campaign is not actually about M7, Its all about sole candidency of NRM Human SHIELDS. Those will be the ones who will "choose " your president - for cash & a cow.
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