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Mabirizi drags Tamale Mirundi to court for defamation

Tamale Mirundi

Tamale Mirundi

City lawyer Male Mabirizi has dragged Tamale Mirundi, the presidential advisor on media affairs to court for alleged defamation.

In his suit before the High court, Mabirizi alleges that Mirundi defamed him while appearing on 107.9 Pearl FM last Saturday, March 23, 2019. Mabirizi contends that while on the show, Mirundi claimed that he is occasionally used by Foreign Affairs minister, Sam Kutesa who is interested in taking over the job of the speaker of parliament currently occupied by Rebecca Kadaga.  

According to Mabirizi, Mirundi's insinuations were prompted when he (Mabirizi) filed a suit seeking orders to quash the March 12 parliament resolution to issue promissory notes of Shs 1.4 trillion to FINASI/ROKO Company to facilitate the construction of the proposed international specialized hospital at Lubowa in Wakiso district. 

In his suit, Mabirizi quotes Mirundi as saying that the reason as to why Kadaga is currently hospitalized in Nairobi is because she got some 'shocking news' following the election of Buganda NRM caucus committee under the patronage of Kutesa. Kadaga was first admitted at Nakasero hospital on Thursday last week before she was airlifted to Nairobi for advanced treatment. Officially, her principal press secretary, Sam Obbo says Kadaga is suffering from effects of jet-lag and fatigue after long hour flights to Morocco, USA to attend workshops and meetings.    

“We know who uses that child, he may be beaten several sticks he does not know. That child you…I saw them saying that he is a lawyer…this one who is not a lawyer who also went to the Supreme court," Mabirizi quotes Mirundi in his suit.  

According to Mabirizi, the said programme was also broadcast on Pearl FM’s YouTube channel and had been watched/listened to by 19,109 people by the time he filed the case. He contends that the statements by Mirundi are substantially false, malicious and defamatory, which are meant to portray him as unreliable person.    

He says the statements exposed him to ridicule, odium (hatred) and contempt and lowered his reputation in the eyes of the right thinking members of society. Mabirizi explains that he has never had any dealings, whether personal or otherwise with Sam Kutesa, arguing that there is no way he could be using him.  

He says Mirundi’s statements have damaged his reputation among people who had earlier taken him to be a serious person fighting for truth and fairness because they now view him in bad light. Mabirizi wants Mirundi to retract his statements using the same way they were broadcast and circulated.

He also wants an apology and costs of general damages. Court has summoned Mirundi to file his defense within fourteen days before the matter is allocated to a judge for hearing. This is not the first time the controversial Mirundi is being sued for defamation. 

In 2012, the then ministry of Works permanent secretary, Charles Muganzi sued Mirundi when he alleged that he and other officials had deliberately with theft intentions, sunk a government passenger ferry in Lake Victoria. Mirundi opted for an out of court settlement and compensated Muganzi Shs 150 million.

Muganzi also accused Mirundi of insinuating that he was among a small clique of thieves (mafia) in government who should be content with their vast bounty that they had got. 

Before he was fired in 2015, Mirundi was Museveni's longest serving spokesperson (12 years) and is not shy to stir up controversy against anyone anywhere. He made a name for himself by taking pride in ridiculing those who challenged the presidency. 

He often referred to himself as “Museveni’s barking dog" that attacks anyone considered a ‘threat’ to its master.

These included; former vice president, Gilbert Bukenya, former prime minister Amama Mbabazi, Kabaka Ronald Mutebi and his premier Charles Peter Mayiga, minister for presidency Frank Tumwebaze, former Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) executive director Jennifer Musisi, Kampala mayor Erias Lukwago, former FDC party president Kizza Besigye, New Vision boss, Robert Kabushenga and many others.


-2 #1 Wazza 2019-03-26 10:39
This is funny! why waste time on a mad man.

Mabirizi, you have many things to put your efforts on rather than on a disgruntled drunkard.
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-1 #2 kabayekka 2019-03-26 12:12
He is a real big mouth former government spokesman. Whether he is a Ganda man in bed with NRM God knows.

However, he has done a good job of helping to remove all those constitutional measures that NRM put up to prevent Dr Obote to make a comeback a third time to win the so called democratic elections in Uganda.

NRM fought Obote when he won the 1980 first General elections in Uganda. Afterwards NRM put up a new country constitution with term limits and age limits to make sure that if Dr Obote ever returns to participate in Uganda elections, he would legally fail.

Dr Obote was refused to come back to Uganda and died in exile. Mr Mirundi as the barking dog of NRM has propagated for the NRM to remove the Presidential term limits and age limit from the constitution to allow the long serving and aging NRM President stay put in power until the end of his life.
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-1 #3 kabayekka 2019-03-26 12:19
If this city lawyer wins his case it is indeed going to be the tax payer who will meet the cost of Mr Mirundi's political propaganda since he is an official Presidential Adviser with a handsome salary and a daily strong Uganda Army military escort unit.
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-1 #4 Mweru Samuel Byachi 2019-03-26 12:56
Mabirizi should seek other measures of solving this impasse otherwise he will go down the drain
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+2 #5 Betty Nalubega 2019-03-26 13:15
I am not fan of Mr.Tamale Mirundi though we came from the same area and I know everyting about his family. I am also not so sure about Mr. Mabirizi`s intentions and what really motivates him to do the things he does.

But on this one ; I chose to side with Mr. Mabirizi

Its about time someone did something to stop Mr. Mirundi from insulting and slandering at ease .

To some people , Tamale Mirundi is "funny" and "entertaining."
To some , he is "well informed"

To Ms Wazza , he is a "disgruntled drunkard"..

Tamale Mirundi himself thinks he is "an intellectual".

He makes sure that his host also becomes a hostage of his "unquestionable propaganda skills".
Report to administrator
+2 #6 Betty Nalubega 2019-03-26 13:25
True intellectuals say that Tamale Mirundi is a perfect sample of a badly trained dog ; that he is not worth challenging at any intellectual leval .

That probably explains why Mr. Tamale Mirundi preferes to debate against himself ; a setting that allows him to laugh at his own jokes , contradict himself at will , and create "facts" as he goes.

Personally , I think that Mw. Mirundi `s time to abuse, confuse ,slander, and issue allegations should come to an end.

If it takes another "excentric intellectual" of Mr. Mabirizi caribre to do it , so be it.
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0 #7 Wooden K. 2019-03-26 15:39
I support Mabirizi . If he wants , I can contribute to his legal costs.
Mirundi is a bully who needs to be attacked by another cleverer bully.

Even those talk-shows that give room to this idiot to spread his poison should be blamed. These weak show hosts just sit there and be totally intimidated .

Why --- ?!!??

We are sick and tired of this son of a wild fox who throws about all sorts of allegations to hurt everyone

SUE the devil out of him wamma Mabirizi ..

Ku luno tukuwagira nnyo nnyo !!!!
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-3 #8 Wooden K. 2019-03-26 15:43
Ggwe Kabayeka !!!!!

do not spoil this by bringing in Obote . That man is fully responsible for creating skunks and pimps such as Mirundi.

Uganda was cursed the day Obote become Obote . That course is still on .
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