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KCCA closes boys' hostel at MK International School

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has closed a boys' hostel at MK International School in Busega citing poor hygiene and low accommodation standards.

KCCA officials visited the school today and found the hostel latrines extremely dirty and smelly. The hostel was also filled up with triple-decker beds, squeezed together - leaving a narrow exit for the pupils.  

The team also saw some mattresses littered on the floor which one of the matrons claimed were donated to the school and are abandoned. However, another matron claimed the mattresses were confiscated from fees defaulters. The corridors were also littered with boxes used by the pupils to store their belongings. 

Juliet Nambi Namuddu, the director of education in KCCA, says a team of KCCA officials visited the school on Wednesday evening, and were shocked to learn from pupils, that three of them share a single bed. She also says they found out that apart from sharing beds, some of the pupils share the mattresses that are on the floor.

After visiting the hostel, KCCA officials went to the school which is about a kilometre away. The officials, who were accompanied by the resident city commissioner, Daniel Kabunga Ssentamu and Busega councillor, Rehema Figeri held a closed door meeting with the school management.

They tasked the school management to provide documents relating to the school including registration certificate and details of staff by close of business today. KCCA also instructed the school to release all pupils under the boarding section who are less than five years of age to their families immediately.

The meeting also resolved that before the school opens for second term, it should meet the required standards including renewing its license, provide proper accommodation for children and maintain proper hygiene. The school director was away at the time of the meeting. None of the school administrators could comment.

The matron, Betty Achao denied allegations that pupils sleep in terrible conditions and the hygiene was unpleasant. Achao said they have about 100 pupils in the hostel but none of them share a bed. 

However, our reporter was able to count only 14 triple-decker beds, which implies that they can accommodate 42 pupils. Achao blamed rival schools for what she claimed were unsubstantiated claims against their school. 


0 #1 WADADA roger 2019-03-21 21:33
Good job KCCA but I think Government needs to ban the use of 14 triple-decker beds in schools, the pause a threat to accidents and congestion as well as poor airation.

Matters are made worse that the pupils sleep with their suit cases on the beds
Report to administrator

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