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Rwanda-Uganda crisis: People's Govt to write to Rwanda

Ssemujju Nganda, People's Government deputy prime minister

Ssemujju Nganda, People's Government

The opposition's loose outfit, People's Government led by former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has announced that they will soon open diplomatic communication with the Rwanda government.

The move, they say is aimed at calming down the simmering diplomatic tensions between Uganda and Rwanda. About two weeks ago, Rwanda closed its Gatuna border in Kabale district, reportedly to upgrade their one stop border post. The move, was, however construed as an attempt to slow down or stop entry of Ugandan goods into Rwanda.

The story, quickly turned to allegations by Rwanda that Uganda is hosting and aiding dissidents, plotting to overthrow the Kigali government. Rwanda also claimed that Uganda is arresting and torturing its citizens. After closing the border, Rwanda barred its citizens from entering Uganda, arguing that they can't guarantee their security. 

The climax of Rwanda’s accusations against Uganda came from the Rwanda President Paul Kagame on Saturday. Addressing the 16th National Leadership Retreat at the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) Combat Training Center in Gabiro, Eastern Province, Kagame said Uganda has failed to address its concerns for over 20 years.

Kagame said he has over years, raised the issues to Museveni, who he said, remains indifferent. In what has been interpreted as a quick veiled response to Museveni’s continued assertions that no one will destabilize Uganda, Kagame said those who don’t want their countries to be destabilized should also not be destabilizing other countries.

Forum for Democratic Change spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda who is also People's Government deputy prime minister said the continued sounding of war drums by the two leaders, is not good for ordinary citizens who will be the ultimate victims if the the two countries go into war.

"We’re concerned by the continued and continuing sounding of the war drums by Mr Museveni. Museveni while presiding over the opening of factories [in Mukono on Saturday], he was sending a message, warning that those who want to destabilize Uganda will face destruction. Of course that was a veiled message meant for Rwanda, no wonder there was almost an immediate response from Rwandan President Paul Kagame, also saying those who are talking about not destabilizing their country, shouldn’t also destabilize other countries. So this sounding of war drum not only concerns us as a party but also as citizens." Ssemujju said.

For the good of ordinary Ugandans, Ssemujju said the People's Government foreign affairs minister, Atkins Katusabe will officially write to Rwanda counterpart, Richard Sezibera seeking an understanding of the issues. If they get a response, he said it will be sent to Inter-Religious Council, requesting them to cause dialogue between the Uganda and Rwanda leaders. The letter, Ssemujju said, will be sent this week.

Ssemujju says they will seek the mediation of clerics because of their neutrality and status they are accorded in society. If the diplomatic standoff is not thawed, Ssemujju argued that its ordinary Ugandans and Rwandans especially traders and border communities who will continue to be at loss.

Museveni, aged 74 years, Ssemujju argued should be talking in a reconciliatory tone rather than sounding war drums. He said wars and fought and won by youthful commanders. Ssemujju joked that if Museveni wants to fight, he should be deployed to Somalia to face off al-Shabaab insurgents just as he recently advised his violent soldiers after Rtd Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza and his bodyguards allegedly assaulted a traffic policewoman on duty, Sgt Esther Namaganda and a UBC journalist, Peter Otai. 

"Museveni likes violence unfortunately even in old age, because old people tend to be reconciliatory in nature. At 74 if you’re still sounding war drums really? At 74, which war can Museveni fight at his age? This should be done by children, people who are young. Those who fought in Luweero were young, fresh from the universities. Now a 74-year-old is saying he wants to lead a war against those who want to destabilize Uganda. May be I will make the same plea, if Museveni still has some energy in him, we can deploy him in Somalia because that is where there’s a war. Let him not invite war unto Uganda." said Ssemujju. 


+1 #1 WADADA roger 2019-03-12 11:08
Oppps, i had forgotten that Besigye is also a self styled president and is only writing to his counterpart kagame
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-1 #2 Wainainchi 2019-03-12 12:08
People government Semuju,you make me laugh to my tears.

Thug from Later seller of green matoke?? People government he says,hihihihihihihi...muyaye!!!
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+1 #3 Omuzira Ente 2019-03-12 13:51
Peace must be respected but not discussed. war follows disagreements that arise during peace talks.

Its very rear for children to reconcile Teachers as Reconciliation requires clear understanding of the two worrying parties like what President Uhuru Kinyata is doing.

Secondly before mediation the two parties must accept and believe in you. The Ugandan Opposition has spent alot of time bickering with President Museveni and failed to raise their status to international standards save for the new blood of Hon Kyagulanyi.

The international community must see you driving international agendas to earn their respect. The only time opposition MPs go abroad is when they are accompanying speaker Kadaga as their head.

However having said that not every war is bad, this county has a history of underrating neighbors and that's how inferior Tanzania's Muwalimu Nyerere liberated Uganda from the hands of dictator Idi Amin, The Future lies in GOD's hands
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0 #4 Akot 2019-03-12 18:56
[People's Government led by former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has announced that they will soon open diplomatic communication with the Rwanda government.]


Why don't Ugandans understand Kagame & Museveni are rwandese brothers making their statement to each other?

Kagame is more intelligent dictator who gave chance to rwandese with him chance to a start, while Museveni destroys Uganda & our divided people just help him destroy them & their country!

Uganda needs real opposition that will ask tribal leaders to stand down & bring Ugandans together to give no chance to Museveni to destroy any tribe, especially as the demon uses Ugandans go destroy one another for him!

Then, that UNITY that will throw Museveni out will see to it Ugandans get the kind of governance they want!

Why don't Ugandans understand it's their UNITY that will bring Museveni down?
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0 #5 Akot 2019-03-12 19:00
WADADA roger, thanks!

Besigye is not even awared Museveni & Kagame have scores to settle & they don't trust one another, otherwise both would be sharing power in Rwanda!

Besigye forgot he failed to UNITE Ugandans to come out to contest last fake election & each time he was in trouble, Museveni's war dogs, who are Ugandans, handled him as enemy n° 1!
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0 #6 Akot 2019-03-12 19:13
Omuzira Ente, thanks, yet,

Every thing depends on Ugandans & they MUST go for it in UNITY, or Museveni will continue eliminating individuals, small groups, tribe, region... as & when he feels the need, while the world watches in silence!

See, Algerians came out in UNITY, even without alternative opposition leadership! They can even ask UN to take charge while they wait for alternative leader to show up!

Thousands of Algerians in France came out to support their brothers/sisters on streets home & EU is with the UNITED people of Algeria that are +80% under 35!

No outsdier will say a word about Ugandans as long as the tribalistic system stands, which means Ugandans are alone with Museveni through & through!
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0 #7 MAISO HERBERT 2019-03-13 10:03
I personally try to avoid war bz I know,m7 will not fight and neither will kagame but the poor soldiers are the ones that r going to lose their lives,

Am in Kabale on a university known to b for M7,and I know that when war starts,we r the first people to be affected, so people, if u r thinking of liberation, think of another means not the ones if war,
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