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Parliament secures UBC radio frequency

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

Parliament has acquired one of the frequencies of the national broadcaster, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) to operate its own radio station. 

The parliamentary radio will operate on 98.0FM to communicate the business of the House and is expected to cover several parts of the country. Apparently, 98.0 FM has been hosting UBC RED channel, which covers Kampala and the central region.

Speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga says the radio which is now fully set; will start running test signals before it can officially be operationalized. She announced the development during plenary on Wednesday saying it was good news for parliament.

She said they will not have trouble with people denying parliament space in the media and where parliament is misrepresented.     Kadaga asked MPs to be ready to use the station. 

The development ends parliament’s long search for a frequency to start its own station. It is unclear how parliament acquired the frequency from the national broadcaster.   

Asked how parliament took over the frequency of UBC, Godfrey Mutabazi, the executive director of Uganda Communication Commission said there was no need for such questions since there is no dispute. He referred our reporter to parliament or UBC on the nature arrangement between the two parties.  

About the station  

The proposed radio will operate within the precincts of parliament, where the transmitter is stationed. According to sources in parliament, although they wanted a 3KW transmitter, UCC restricted the power to 1KW. UCC argued that the FM band in central region is congested. 

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