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Water ministry prepares to mark environment days

The ministry of Water and Environment together with key partners will hold the second Uganda Water and Environment Week starting March 18.

During the week, the country will mark International Day of Forest, World Water Day and World Meteorological Day on March 22. President Museveni is expected to preside as chief guest.

This year’s celebrations have been organised under the theme, “Water and environment: A strategic driver in attainment of Sustainable Development Goals 2030.”

Minister of Water and Environment Sam Cheptoris told journalists during last week’s media briefing in Luzira that they intend to focus on the inseparable link between security of water, energy, food and ecosystems.

“This theme will focus on how water and environment contribute to society and how society can enhance its stewardship role and contribute effectively to achievement of SDGs related to water and environment,” Cheptoris said.

This will look into issues of inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene services, politics and governance of water and environment, sustainable urbanisation, industry water and environment innovations, water and environment businesses, he said.

The theme will aim at exploring opportunities for achieving green growth through sustainable development and management of water and environment resources. It will focus on the key principles of a green economy such as equity, environment sustainability, resource efficiency, climate change adaptation and mitigation and inclusiveness.

The theme will also introduce the ‘Blue Economy’ concept, which is the economic benefit, and value realised from the earth’s fresh water environment.  Sustainable blue economy provides social and economic benefits for current and future generations, restores, protects and maintains the diversity, productivity and resilience of marine ecosystems.

It is based on clean technologies and renewable energy, he said.  Planned activities during the week include a clean-up exercise in Entebbe municipality on March 16, national conference on March 18 and field visits around Entebbe, Kampala and surrounding districts, among others.


0 #1 kabayekka 2019-03-07 13:21
This is a water ministry of the NRM that would have to do the people of Uganda a favor on that day so that this service industry puts up a book in which the people who badly need piped water in their homes can register and put up a deposit of about shillings 50,000 to initiate this project.

By selling purified clean piped water to the communities, the money earned will go a long way to improving the Great Lakes region's general environment.
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