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Deported MTN CEO sues Uganda gov't

Wim Vanhelleputte

Wim Vanhelleputte

The chief executive officer of MTN Uganda, Wim Vanhelleputte has filed a suit challenging his deportation from Uganda. The Belgian national asked court to quash the deportation and order for general damages for illegal detention and deportation, describing it as irrational.

Vanhelleputte says he has been married to a Ugandan, Barbara Adoso Vanhelleputte with whom they have since sired two children in a relationship that has continued for 19 years. 

Vanhelleputte says that the process used by the minister of Internal Affairs Jeje Odongo to declare him undesirable, was highhanded and arbitrary because he was never accorded a fair or just treatment before, during and after the making of the deportation orders.

He explains that prior to his deportation he had been summoned thrice, on January 22, January 29 and on February 14, 2019, to appear before the Special Investigations Unit in Kireka where he interfaced with Elly Womanya, the officer in charge of criminal investigations and Brigadier Abel Kandiho, the commander of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, who interrogated him before handing him to another person. 

He added that one of the main issues of interest during the interrogation was as to find out whether he was communicating with MTN staff that had earlier been deported by Ugandan authorities. He said he acknowledged that they were still in contact because they had not handed over offices at the time of their abrupt deportation, and needed to ensure continuity of company operations.

Vanhelleputte’s application is supported by his wife Adoso who has attached her sworn in affidavit and a copy of the marriage certificate dated April 29, 2000. The couple claim to have known each other since 1993. In her affidavit, Adoso says that her husband had never committed any offence or crime under the laws of Uganda and neither is he responsible for breaking the law.

The Belgian is the fourth employee of the telecom giant to be deported from Uganda this year after being declared prohibited immigrants.

MTN staff deported earlier include Italian national Elsa Mussolini, the former general manager for mobile finance services, French national Olivier Prentout, who was the chief marketing officer at MTN-Uganda and Rwandan national Annie Bilenge Tabura, the general manager, sales and distribution at MTN-Uganda.


+2 #1 kabayekka 2019-03-05 06:23
One reckons deporting hard working foreign families in masse or as individuals from this country stopped with the past fallen from grace dictatorship of Dr Obote and his Military commander, Idi Amin.

This country is a democracy and listening to the opinion of the judge in the courts of law is a worthwhile effort on the part of this gentleman.

But the tax payer must not meet the bill for such an adventure created by well clothed uniformed African war mongers living luxurious lives on the back of tax payers' money.
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+2 #2 Lakwena 2019-03-05 09:00
In other words, Gen Jeje Odong & C. must take personal responsibility for his bravado and rush action of deporting. And if it comes to worse he must pay Wim Vanhelleputte from his own pockets.

Otherwise Ugandans are sick and tired of losing their hard-earned tax money to lawsuits caused by reckless government officials.

E.g., there are indication that: because Bank of Uganda unlawfully closed 7 Commercial Banks, the Ugandan taxpayers will have to lose their shirts and skirts because, Governor, Mutebile and his deputy were either busy feathering their nests, and/or sleeping on the job.
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