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Museveni orders Finance to pay Buganda Shs 47bn

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi hosted President Museveni in Banda

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi hosted President Museveni in Banda

President Museveni has directed ministry of Finance to provide Shs 47 billion in the next two financial years to compensate Buganda kingdom for Kigo prison land, the land hosting King Fahad Plaza and Muteesa House in London.
According to Kabaka Ronald Mutebi's press secretary Sam Dick Kasolo, Museveni directed Finance to allocate Shs 23.5bn in FY 2019/20 budget and a similar amount in FY 2020/21 budget as compensation for Muteesa House (valued at Shs 30 billion) and King Fahad land (valued at Shs 14.1 billion). 
Kasolo's statement follows a "cordial meeting" between Museveni and Mutebi at his private palace in Banda, a Kampala suburb. According to the statement, the duo agreed that all pending issues involving kingdom property, land and financial arrears be resolved soonest.
The same statement also indicates that Museveni has directed Finance to pay with immediate effect Shs 3 billion as rent for the kingdom land in Kigo.
Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the katikkiro (premier) Charles Peter Mayiga noted that although the meeting between the Kabaka and the president was behind closed doors, they held another meeting involving delegations from the two sides.
The president's delegation included the attorney general William Byaruhanga and State Minister for Investment Evelyn Anite. The Kabaka's delegation included Prince David Wasajja, Mayiga, ambassador Emmanuel Ssendaula, ambassador Bill Matovu and Joyce Mpanga. Mayiga says the meeting discussed various issues including kingdom assets alias "Ebyaffe".
Mayiga also said the president ordered the Lands ministry to expedite the process and transfer all the certificate of titles of returned kingdom assets. Early last year, Museveni held another meeting with a delegation led by the kingdom's premier where he pledged government's commitment to compensate the kingdom.
Other kingdoms like Tooro and Bunyoro have also held several talks with the president to return their assets, which were confiscated by government during the 1966 crisis when the then Prime Minister Milton Obote abolished kingdoms.

Last week, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, the Tooro King  flanked by the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa and members of the kingdom's negotiating team led by the prime minister met Museveni at State House Nakasero over the return of the kingdom's assets. 


0 #21 Wooden K. 2019-02-07 13:27
Hello Remase , how is life ?

When I saw Musanvu driving to Banda , I thought about you. I could easily imagine your pain.

Belaive me , you really have a problem.

I can bet that if Mengo had refused to be paid its long overdue bebts , you would still be here pointing a finger and accusing Owek. Mayiga of something..

You do not take the time to remember that Mayiga is not Buganda and that Museveni is not Uganda.

Unfortunately for you , its not going to get better. Buganda is a NATION with parmanent interests. Like all dynamic societies world over , Buganda must fight against odds all the time.

If and when Buganda`s cunning debtors decide to show up and pay , Buganda must collect.
Olutalo bweluliggwa , tuliyambala engule

It woul
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0 #22 Wooden K. 2019-02-07 13:29
Naye ggwe Kabayeka , whats up with you ?

If you have any point , you haven`t made it yet .

Naawe Juwait Kari nkutumidde .

Waca fitina !!!
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0 #23 Juwait kali 2019-02-07 16:35
Wooden K habari yako. What I can say to you right now is watch this space. I will remind you when the time comes.

Other wise Bugandas assets are hers. It shouldn't cause exitiment when a thief returns your watch after hiding it under water which destroys its value.

How much money would Buganda have made if Uganda was Democratic from its assets since 1986?

Why did Buganda stop fighting in 1986 when what they fought for was not given back straight away? The same mistakes are being repeated. Sabasajja sebo find true heroes of Buganda and very soon.
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0 #24 Wooden K. 2019-02-07 18:02
Hari ni njema kabisa Ndugu Juwait Kali asante .
Vipi ?

Haa, you are saying what now ?
You seem to have run out of things to write.

Buganda has and will never ever stop "fighting". As long as Buganda lives , its people will have to continue fighting new challenges . Cèst kom sa la vie.

You do not stop looking for food even after a good meal.

Even USA , which claims to be the most powerful and largest economy in the whole damn world is still looking for a new hero. It lends and borrows.

BTW . there is no excitement ; the "watch" has not lost value . Fixed assets gain value each and every day.

Ex. Buganda spent less than 5000 pouds to build just one prison in Kigo.

Do you know how much it is rented out for every month ?.
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