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Police probes Kasirye Gwanga for shooting at Kusasira's car

Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga

Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga

Police are investigating circumstances under which, Rtd Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga opened fire at a vehicle of the aides of local music artist, Catherine Kusasira.
The incident occurred around 10:45pm on Tuesday night near Makindye Division offices where Gwanga's children were reportedly buying groceries. Preliminary police findings indicate that trouble started after Gwanga's children asked the occupants in Kusasira's Premio vehicle, registration number, UAY 083Y to turn down the loud music they were playing in vain.
The children reportedly threatened to call their father, which didn't move the occupants of Kusasira's vehicle. Kusasira enjoys close relations with the ruling party, NRM and has often been sent to social events to deliver President Museveni's gifts and messages. 

According to eye witnesses, Kasirye arrived amidst the confusion and also asked the driver of Kusasira's vehicle to turn down the loud music. The driver reportedly ignored him, saying he wasn't above the law and that there was nothing he could do.
Gwanga allegedly ordered his bodyguard to bring his AK-47 rifle from the vehicle and shot at the tyres of Kusasira's vehicle. Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, says police was immediately called to the scene. 

"Police was called. They visited the scene and the case was registered under SD reference 107/29/1/2019. Investigations are ongoing," Onyango said.
Gwanga advised 'stupid' Kusasira to go and report him to Museveni. Gwanga said he shot at Kusasira's vehicle because she "acted with stupidity" when he tried to talk to her and instead just started shouting at him.
The general isn't new to shooting controversy. In 2013, Gwanga threatened to shoot police officers when they stormed the farm of his junior brother Angelo Kasirye to allegedly exhume the remains of Livingston Lubega who was reportedly buried there. 

Lubega reportedly disappeared in 1985. Gwanga pitched camp in the farm with his AK-47 rifle and threatened to shoot the officers should they fail to find the remains. Some bones were recovered from the farm.
The same year, Gwanga was involved in a fierce verbal exchange with the late former Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, Andrew Felix Kaweesi for attempting to evict him from his Makindye residence in Kizungu Zone. 

Kasirye Ggwanga pitched camp in his compound with an AK-47 rifle and pistol threatening to shoot whoever dare step foot in his compound. In 2017, Gwanga burnt down a tractor found on his land in Lweza. He threatened to shoot dead the driver of the tractor who he accused of attempting to grab his land. 


+1 #11 Mubiru 2019-01-31 20:02
One paper has just listed nearly 8 cases allegedly committed by Kasirye Gwanga in the past 5 years and are still being "investigated" by Police.

The paper cited Amama Mbabazi and Kale Kahihura at the height of their power to have promised investigations into Kasirye's random shootings. One of the offended was even Mbabazi's personal assistant .

Many years on the police is still "investigating". When will complainants get it that the untouchable have immunity and stop mourning? This is Uganda. Before crossing to Museveni, Kasirye Gwanga served Amin faithfully when alleged thieves and murderers were shot on sight.

Currently poor unconnected Ugandans are murdered with no difference between today and during Amin's time.

At least Amin was honest by not bothering about courts or parliament which to day as just mere shadows of justice. He saved billions now eaten by corrupt courts and police. Can you imagine that today even murderers and rapists who confess are let off?
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+3 #12 Jomo 2019-02-01 09:08
Kusasira says, "Kasirye Gwanga shot at my car!"

Kasirye Gwanga says, "Yes, I shot at Kusasira's car. Let her report me to the President if she wants!"

Uganda Police says, "We are INVESTIGATING ALLEGATIONS that Kasirye Gwanga shot at Kusasira's car..."

Comedy just!!
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+1 #13 Ugthinker 2019-02-01 12:21
# UG thinker
Don't drag the poor doctors in this please for you have no idea the kind of conditions in which they work.

In the medical world, there is no such thing as Wrong or Right diagnosis but instead MIS-DIAGNOSIS or WORKING DIAGNOSIS.

If there are no facilities for aiding diagnosis formulation, what can doctors do? where are the MRIs, CT scans, PET scans?. in Uganda doctors are practicing medicine of the 19th century due to absent diagnostics. We are not even yet in the 20th century practice.

I could have been more clearer, mostly private doctors are misdiagnosing as per you correction, make referrals for kickbacks etc!

They get away with it for the same reasons Kusasira and Kasirye Ggwanga do for noise and shooting!

They are not accountable to no one. They can both be lawful citizens under sound governance.
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