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Police blocks National Juma Prayers at Kololo

Muslims during prayers

Muslims during prayers

Police have blocked the National Juma special prayers that were scheduled to take place today Friday at Kololo ceremonial grounds.

The prayers which were organised by MPs Muhammed Nsereko (Kampala Central) and Latif Ssebagala ( Kawempe North) were to pray for the lives of Muslims who have been killed, arrested and tortured.

Over a dozen Muslim clerics have been killed from various parts in almost similar style over the years. Also, police, especially during the former reign of police chief Gen Kale Kayihura, made it a habit to arrest Muslim suspects in droves whenever a high profile murder occurred. Most of the suspects would later be freed by courts for lack of evidence but always complained of torture whilst in detention. 

According to the police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the prayers were blocked because they had not sought clearance from the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

At Kololo ceremonial grounds, there was heavy deployment of police with limited access. In December, Nsereko and Ssebagala wrote to the inspector general of police Martin Okoth Ochola and the chief of defense forces Gen David Muhoozi seeking permission for the prayers.

Muhoozi cleared the prayers but on condition that Ochola also does the same. However, Ochola has never responded to the letter. A press statement issued on Friday by Nsereko noted that it was an injustice to the Muslim community for the police not grant permission.

"We, therefore, call off our National Special Juma prayers which were supposed to take place Friday 18th January 2019 and this is an indication that Kololo ceremonial grounds can be accessed by all Ugandans apart from Muslims. These are the injustices we are fighting," reads the statement in part.

Kololo has been previously been a preferred venue choice for other religious denominations, political parties and companies due to its accessibility and vast space. 


0 #11 Akot 2019-01-19 20:56
Ugandans must know being majority catholic then protestant kept them away from mixing politics with religion!

Yet when Amin took power, islam became religion/culture/politics/military/police... in Uganda & he ruled through it, locked +90% of Ugandans out of everything!

Tribal leaders must bring down the tribalistic system so that Ugandans UNITE to throw Museveni out then,

- Reform the Republic, or

- Independent Tribal states.

Do Ugandans want muslims to be the ones to throw Museveni out, knowing Amin's children are waiting to revenge?

33 years with Museveni in full control & we have not yet understood it's our country formed by tribal lands & it's only us in UNITY, who have the power to bring change, then put in place the kind of governance we wan!!!
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0 #12 Stewart 2019-01-20 22:01
Quoting gwok:
[quote name="Stewart"]

Sir, M7 is not of Batu stock & the Acholi (or rather Kony) are not of the Anyanya stock either.

Sir, you should be more appalled about the
possible repeat of 1966 under M7 this time, judging by the "telling happenings" of the last one year. I am a northerner, Sir.

Mr. Gwok-to, it's real and it's alive and progressing, before NRM did you hear any Teso of Tororo bickering with Jo-Padola? they were brothers but M7 made them to start, was there any business of Won Nyaci in Lango?

No, but they are now bickering, how about Banyala Vs Baganda, Baruli Vs Baganda, and Kooki Vs Baganda? and the Kyabazingas are not left out either, thus far madness has brought us. Thanks
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