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State given more time to file submissions in age limit case

Attorney general William Byaruhanga

Attorney general William Byaruhanga

The Supreme court has given more time to the attorney general to conclude filing submissions in the consolidated age limit amendment appeal case.

The appeals were filed by Male Mabirizi, Uganda Law Society and six opposition members of parliament challenging the verdict of the Constitutional court that okayed the removal the age limit caps from the constitution.

In December 2017, MPs controversially lifted the presidential age limit caps previously capped at an upper limit of 75 years. The amendment was believed to be solely done for the benefit of President Yoweri Museveni who would have been ineligible to contest in 2021.

Through their lawyers, Rwakafuuzi and Company Advocates, Lukwago and Company Advocates, the petitioners argue that the constitutional amendment was a breakdown of justice since even the MPs were reportedly bribed with Shs 29 million.

Last November, the parties in the case were given until December 31, 2018 to have filed in their written submissions.

With the exception of the attorney general William Byaruhanga, all the other parties filed their submissions. The AG failed to meet the deadline following the death of the senior principal state attorney Henry Oluka who died last month.

The late Oluka was handling the age limit appeal on behalf of the attorney general.

"Your worship, given the sudden demise of the said officer, the respondent is not in position to finalize its written submissions and file on the same on the dates as directed by the court", reads the letter by the attorney general in part.

The letter adds that "I would like to humbly request for court's indulgence to extend time within which the respondent should file submissions to the 9th, January 2019, understandably, the appellants would then file their rejoinder on the 16th January 2019".

Supreme court registrar Godfrey Opifeni accepted the attorney general's request and gave them until this Friday to have handed in his submissions.

Lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi who represents the opposition MPS says that he is okay with the request by the attorney general since it is formal.


+1 #1 Remase 2019-01-03 13:00
Well, let's go through the formalities. We all know the results beforehand! Just like the presidential elections.

The only thing that matters is to put those judges on record. CJ Katureebe is already on record.

He ruled before that it is ok for M7 to rig presidential elections, because when M7 rigs them, it doesn't change the outcome. That is exactly how the concourt ruled. If fact justice Elizabeth Musoke quoted the Katureebe precedent. Katureebe (Let's see) how CJ Katureebe is going to confirm his own precedent.
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0 #2 kabayekka 2019-01-03 18:07
Mr Oluka died a month ago. Does that mean that only one civil servant out of the many the tax payer pays wages in the government lawyers office works on such a public controversial case?

In actual fact who is paying for the expensive costs of these petitioners so that the public can understand it all as good value for public funds.
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0 #3 gwok 2019-01-04 16:15
[quote name="kabayekka"]Mr Oluka died a month ago. Does that mean that only one civil servant out of the many the tax payer pays wages in the government lawyers office works on such a public controversial case? ......

Answer: Yes. Oluka was a northerner and only they, working in the background of course, can handle such brainy issues. {please accept my poorly wrapped third "can of worms" in 2019}.
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