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Prince Wasajja hired capsized boat - beach employee

The boat that capsized in L.Victoria last week

The boat that capsized in L.Victoria last week

Fresh information has emerged indicating that Buganda kingdom prince David Kintu Wasajja hired for his invite-only guests the ill-fated boat that capsized into L.Victoria with approximately over than 100 people on board. 
33 bodies have been retrieved from the lake while 27 people were rescued alive. According to a source, Wasajja who also survived the accident, hired the boat to transport the revellers to his party at K Palm beach in Mukono. Indeed, yesterday while at Mutima beach where the retrieval of the wreckage of the boat is taking place, State House based Maj Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso was overheard saying that the marine officers who were bribed allegedly by prince Wasajja to let the boat go ahead with its trip even when it was clear for all that it was not safe for use, will be hunted down and brought to account. 
One of the survivors of the boat accident, singer Iryn Namubiru in her social media posts said there was no payment on part of the revellers as everything was on the house - food and drinks. For every alcohol ordered, Namubiru said, it was provided in full bottle per reveller, no matter the alcoholic content. In some of the videos shared online, some revellers can barely stand due to the intoxication. 
According to the source, the ill fated boat which had been grounded at the Mukono based K Palm Beach for months, was pulled from the hanger for repairs and hurriedly painted to transport prince Wasajja's guests for the party that was scheduled for Saturday night last week.
The boat was reportedly pushed into the water by tractor, which is believed to have damaged its lower surface. The new information contradicts earlier reports that indicated that the more than 100 revellers on the boat were heading for the launch of K Palm beach on the invites of its proprietor, the late Michael Bisase alias Templar who drowned alongside his wife Sheila Bisase. 
An employee at K Palm Beach said on condition of anonymity that the party was scheduled to take place a week ago but it was postponed to last weekend because the beach wasn't prepared for the guests.
He said they had made preparations for the prince and his entourage because some of them had planned to camp at the beach and leave the next day. The source further said that the prince has been a regular guest at the beach.
Jackson Mutyaba, a friend to the captain of the boat and coxswain on L.Victoria, says the skipper informed them about the damage on the boat and that water was entering it.
"He said the tractor was the one that had spoilt the boat. He actually noticed it earlier before reaching Ggaba and called a welder to try and repair the damage," Mutyaba said.
Our reporter visited the area where the boat was parked and found visible tracks of tractor tyres and empty tins of the paint that was used on the boat dumped there. URN was unable to independently verify the claims since Wasajja couldn't be reached for a comment. 


0 #11 Miki 2018-12-03 03:30
David Wassajja hired the boat? So what? He is not a boat inspector. This is the job o government and other public safety agencies. Wassajja (whether he hired this boat or not) is just victim of a government that has failed to do its job in many ways and areas.

Blaming Wassajja for the boat tragedy is like blaming a passenger who boards a public transport bus that ends up crashing because it had bad breaks or bad tires.

Does any body inspect the tires, the wipers, the breaks etc of a bus before they get on board? A policeman or whatever government official having been bribed? That is the way Uganda works - fault or no fault - right from the president all the way down to the village LC1 chairman.
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