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Rakai school fire: students sent home, six arrested

Education minister Janet Museveni and other officials assessing the extent of the damage at the school

Education minister Janet Museveni and other officials assessing the extent of the damage at the school

Students of St Benard's Mannya secondary school in Rakai district have been instructed to return home following an inferno that gutted down the boys' dormitory last night and left nine students dead.
The decision to close the school was reached at an emergency meeting between security and the school administration which was also attended by the defence minister Gen Elly Tumwine and the director general of Internal Security Organs (ISO); Brig Kaka Bagyenda on Monday.

Except for the candidates in senior six and four classes who are writing their final examinations, all the other students in lower classes have been instructed to return to their homes until further notice.
John Baptist Ssemwanga, the school deputy headteacher in-charge of academics confirmed that premature closure of their term, saying they have also sent out notices to all parents to pick their children.
Police arrested six people including three senior four students in relation to the inferno. Those arrested are; Stephen Kankiroho, Dickson Kisuule and Enoch Mugurusi all senior four students. Also arrested together with the students are teachers;  Achilles Mugerwa and Johnson Mugisha as well as Adolf Kaggwa, the school's warden.

The arrested students were serving a suspension from school over indiscipline and are suspected to have participated or masterminded starting the fire. The other suspects according to police are going to help in investigations.  

Meanwhile, the minister for Education and Sports Janet Museveni visited the burnt school dormitories where she cursed the arsonists and delivered government condolence to parents and community.
She blamed the incident on the collapse in the value systems in which parents and communities have failed to raise their children in such way that they can separate wrong from right or good from bad. She assured the nation that government will get to the bottom of this unfortunate incident.

"It is our responsibility as government to search and find the people who did this, so that they be judged accordingly; and we shall do it." she said. 

Ms Museveni further revealed that government is going to take charge of the treatment of all the injured students as well as providing financial support to the families that lost their children.  

The Masaka diocesan Catholic Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa, who superintends over the affected school also condemned the inhuman act that ended innocent lives, demanding that security helps them find the real culprits.  

Bishop Kaggwa is afraid that their Austrian partners, Cotton On Foundation, who helped them establish the school may be scared by the incident and stop their support.


-2 #1 Wainanchi 2018-11-13 09:18
Silence.All thugs and saboteurs have no words of regret and emphaty for the innocent victims of horrible killings .

They imitate the West in some ways but no one has come forward to shed tears of sorrow like in Buddyda landslide victims.

For these criminals and terrorists killed people are just making them joyful since they want to show how NRM Government is weak and unable to protect its citizens.

Bobi Pig Wine the other days was giving crocodile hugs and praise to police and security trying to touch them and attract them for being linient in his future quest towards riots and revolt against Uganda and NRM government.He is doomed to fail and will not be able to implement foreign masters plans.
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0 #2 Ugthhinker 2018-11-13 15:20
All sorts of criminals big, small, sophisticated or amateurs are having a field day in Uganda.

All thanks to the nonfunctional police, judiciary, Parliament and of course presidency! How then can crime levels go down? Is this the Uganda that we want?

It’s broken, it MUST be FIXED! No other way about it!
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-1 #3 Wooden.K. 2018-11-13 15:52
LISTEN Uganda !

in all Masaka/Buddu .e.i Rakai , Kyotera , Rwengo , Mawogola Kalungu etc, there are ONLY TWO real ambulances.

Only those two are equiped to transport patients who are in very serious condition. The others are "taxis" with names and fancy lights

It took the whole day to find one of those two real Ambulances to transfat one of the seriously burnt boys from Kitovu to Kampala.

In all Masaka/Buddu ,,there is ONLY ONE Fire Brigade Station based in Masaka Municipality. This one has ONLY ONE water tank .
It kakes 50 minutes to drive from Masaka Fire Brigade to Manya .

It takes 30 minutes for the First Lady to fly from her any of her palaces to Manya.

If you have a brain , figure out what I trying to say.
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0 #4 Wainanchi 2018-11-13 21:47
@Wooden K_ So in your views ministers have to walk or ride donkeys, and anyone can freely come to student dormitories, pour petrol and kill students, chop off heads, kill people and that is OK. You are sick idiot!!
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0 #5 rubangakene 2018-11-13 23:33
The people ruling Uganda have caught 'nodding at the wheel'.

Things are falling apart at the seams; poverty prevails, education, health of the nation is suffering; they don't just see the point, do they?

these students are studying hard to make something for themselves and the nation and here is a President 'rewarding idle youth' in Kampala with billions of the nation's money. what message do these people get, eh?

It is sad and really unfortunate that innocent children lost their lives but this should be a wake up call for us to go back to the drawing board and get our backside out of Kampala and do something!
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0 #6 Kelly 2018-11-14 09:14
"It is our responsibility as government to search and find the people who did this, so that they be judged accordingly; and we shall do it."

Wicked and heartless woman!!
“She blamed the incident on the collapse in the value systems…”. Really! Madam Janet Kataha, the former air hostess now Minister for Education and Sports?

The education ministry despite taking one of the largest shares of the national budget is one of those in the biggest abyss of decay.

What happened to the old school inspection of schools and institution of key requirements for any boarding school?

Does Madam Janet have any record of all the schools in this country, where they are located, the facilities, number of teachers etc?

There was a time when S.6 students of a certain school around Bweyogerere went on strike and when the district education officer went there, she was “shocked” that the school was not licensed for “A” but had operated the “A” level class for three years!!!!
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-1 #7 Wooden K. 2018-11-14 15:08
Hello Wianainchi ,
I have already noted that you are the most intelligent here. So if you think that I am a sick idiot , that is exactly what I am.

The good news for me is that you have not declared me dumb or blind. So I can see and talk.

That is why I am going to say that I see that it is totally FOOLISH to fly in choppers over a population that does not have proper ambulances .

I say that those selfish devils that have spent our money on themselves instead of buyinf fire-fighting vehicles are WORSE than the ones who torch schools.

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0 #8 Wooden K. 2018-11-14 15:20
Greetings Kelly !

Madam Janet does what she is supposed to do. Wait for a tragedy to occur , then fly in there , shade some fake tears make a speach and wait for the next one..

This is how it is you see. Kiconco knocks down 350 houses , creates 500 internal displaced Ugandans , then drives in Madam Janet`s dear husband ; he donates tents and beans , goes away to wait for the next Kiconco to do what the Kiconcos of this hell do.
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