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Nine students perish in Rakai school inferno

Rescuers attempt to put out fire at the school

Rescuers attempt to put out fire at the school

Nine students of St Bernard's Mannya secondary school in Rakai district lost their lives when a fire gutted their dormitory in the early hours of today morning.  

The dead students are reportedly all from the senior three class. Their charred bodies have been taken to Kampala for DNA testing to identify them. Four other students were critically injured and more than 20 others are in hospital nursing serious injuries. The dead have been identified as Remegious Tamale, Antonio Ssekidde, Godfrey Lutaaya, Timothy Bukenya, Emmanuel Kasozi, Charles Ssuuna, Morris Basita and Sharif Dogiye. 

Preliminary findings indicate that the fire started shortly after midnight at the senior three boys' dormitory that accommodated more than 30 students. A number of students from the dormitory were rescued by police and residents in the area before being rushed to Kitovu referral hospital. Police confirmed the death of the nine students. 

But one of the community members who rushed to the scene following the fire outbreak claimed that they had by 03:15am recovered 12 bodies. Earlier information indicates that unknown persons could have locked the boys' dormitory before setting it on fire.

Rescue teams struggled to unlock the padlocks outside the dormitory doors, in an effort to save the children. A number had lost their lives by the time the rescue teams broke into rooms. 

According to a statement by police spokesperson Emilian Kayima, there is a suspicion that ten students recently expelled from the school could have had a hand in starting the fire.

"We suspect that 10 senior four students who were recently expelled due to indiscipline could have been behind the fire. We have already arrested one so that we can interrogate him," the statement reads.


0 #1 gwok 2018-11-12 16:41
Building standards need to be scrutinized, especially publicly used ones such as hostels, lodges, hospitals, etc.

Was there no emergency exit in there. Look here: when I check into a hotel or lodging pace and I see no emergency exit, I check out immediately.
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+2 #2 Wooden.K. 2018-11-12 17:54
Hello Uganda , here we go again !

As it was in the begining is now-----

There they are basking in death . They arrive in the expensive choppers , guarded like they will never die. They fly over the suffering masses like vultures of Serengeti .

Always the first to show up when and where there is death; always last to show up when & where there is a life to respec and to protec , regardless of whether the name is Yasin Kawuma or not.

Dear Uganda it is very sad to have to lose such young lives all the time; but whats your plan really ?

You really must not only save our kids from fires , but also step in and stop all this pretence and hypocrisy.

May they never rest in peace until there is peace for all .
Amen !
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+1 #3 Wainanchi 2018-11-12 21:39
Deepest condolences to the parents of murdered students Uganda needs to get together and stand up against killers and saboteurs of innocent people and Uganda property

This is terror introduced to destabilise Uganda and people must be vigilant and take matter in own hands together with available security

Therefore own organized security of all institutions and honest.Wainanchi need to get together with their council members and link up with new local defence forces,UPDF,and fight criminals and terrorists.Imagibe somebody coming to dormitories and pouring petrol and killing students !!

HOW DO THEY THINK THEY WILL BE LOVED AND RESPECTED BY THE PEOLLE THEY ARE KILLING.Uganda has many good sons and daughters and leadership to win and will prevail Lead us president Museveni Neera neera neera.Down with FDC and ADF.
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0 #4 Wainanchi 2018-11-12 21:45
I suggest and propose NRM government to put down all what was burnt and build new and nice facilities organise better security and bring back students Victims families must be compensated.

Criminals brought to justice. May only opinion is that the killers were inspired by ADF and FDC to commit crime.
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0 #5 Ugthinker 2018-11-12 21:51
So sad that the violence usehered into Uganda by the “liberators” has indeed gotten to these levels.

When some of us despised these backward tendencies of fighting, crashing, many labelled us cowards but we were just forward looking. The cumulative results are now here all of us to see.

The violence in Uganda today has direct correlations with the beliefs of the leadership. Peace loving Ugandans must critically revisit all the barbaric crimes over the Museveni years, amplify the agitation for his exit as we surely strategise for new trajectories as a nation.

Docility doesn’t seem to benefit anyone, the damage has been done, but together it can be stopped. Ugandans MUST begin a serious conversation on the Uganda that WORKS.
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+1 #6 Wooden.K. 2018-11-12 21:55
Hello Uganda ,
it is now 4 hours since I sent in my comment on this sad news.

As I wait for OBSERVER to publish it , I have just found out that in all Buddu / Masaka , there are ONLY TWO real Ambulaces.

These two are the only ones that are equipped to transport patients that are in an grave condition. All the rest are mere "taxis" with "Ambulence" written on them.

Buddu /Masaka is where Gen. Elly Tumwine and Mrs Janet Museveni went today by a very modern Helicopter whose price is enough to buy and equip 20 Ambulances.

As Tumwine and Muka Museveni flew , their many escorts and body guards travelled in expensive cars to Buddu/ Masaka.

Then , Mrs Museveni saidthis : " you parents have failed to teach your children the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

I am amazed !!!
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