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Police casts doubt on Bobi Wine's Kyarenga concert

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine’s much anticipated October 20 music concert hangs in a balance after police denied knowledge of the show.

With Namboole stadium, the venue of the event, insisting on police clearance before allowing the show to go on, the fate of the concert certainly remains uncertain. In the past, after he contested and won convincingly to become the Kyadondo East legislator, police blocked several of his music shows, forcing the MP to petition court. The case has never been resolved.

While the organisers of the Namboole concert continue to dispel as rumours of the cancellation of the event, Denis Namuwooza, the deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) commander insists that they are not going to allow the show to take place simply because the venue had already been booked for other events.

Slated for Saturday, October 20 at Namboole stadium, the concert is scheduled to be the official launch of Bobi Wine’s May 12 hit song titled "Kyarenga", an Afro-beat love hit in which the MP expresses his love for the girl he is pursuing.

The three-minute and 28 seconds song has been trending in most clubs, radios, discotheques and streets of Kampala. URN spoke to Sir Dan Magic of Dream studios, the producer of the hit who confirmed that the show was on as scheduled.

"Those who are claiming that the show is called off are lying to you. We booked and our preparations are going on as planned," Dan Magic told URN on Thursday.

Emma Sserugo of Emma Promotions, the organizers of the concert say they are doing all that is necessary to acquire clearance from police. He observes that they are currently engaged in meetings with different security agencies to reach a harmonized position.

He appealed to Ugandans seeking to attend the concert to come for the show and not politics. Bobi Wine is the new political kid on the block sending shivers among the established political players especially in government due to his charismatic appeal to the youth. He has already fallen victim to state brutality after his driver Yasin Kawuma was shot dead in Arua earlier in August and the MP arrested and allegedly tortured to the point of seeking medical attention abroad. 

Jamil Ssewanyana, the managing director of the Namboole stadium confirmed that Bobi Wine's Fire Base Crew booked the venue for the concert on October 20th, but as part of other requirements, the organisers are expected to obtain clearance from police.

In a phone interview on Thursday, Ssewanyana said however that the venue has other events scheduled for the same day. He quickly adds that they have capacity to host all of them as long as they are cleared.

According to Ssewanyana, the management of the stadium doesn't want to be involved in the conflicts between parties, all it wants is police clearance.

“It’s true they [Fire Base Crew] have approached us, we have advised them to get clearance like any other event that we hold in the stadium. They [must] get clearance from police to hold such a concert… All events - football, the church, you know it very well, it’s clearance that is required…There are other activities on the day of the event and the person booking has to fulfil the requirements.” Ssewanyana said.

With just nine days to the event, police say they have not received any letter from the concert organisers seeking clearance. Deputy police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango says they have not seen any letter seeking clearance for the concert to go on. Adding that the organisers are aware of what needs to be done in order for their concert to go on as scheduled.

“I have not seen any letter from any letter. Now what does that mean? You call the management of Namboole they tell you what is on the ground…The organisers know what to do not you to tell me what to do. You know what to do.” said Onyango.

"Kyarenga" is a Runyankore word that is used contextually to mean "too much”.

Bobi Wine sings that "Ekyana kyarenga" literally meaning the babe is too hot, and beautiful. Bobi Wine is currently in Kenya meeting various political actors, told Kenyan media that only God can stop his Kyarenga concert.


0 #11 Akot 2018-10-15 18:19
Quoting WADADA rogers:
The Uganda Police should rise up to the occasion and make their position clear, how can anybody stop a music show just because the artist is a threat to the sitting President


It's Ugandans who should rise up & let police know the country belongs to them & police should work for the people who pay them & not for demon Museveni!

UNITY of Ugandans that will throw Museveni out will only throw police/army out if they decide to go with the demon & will they go with the dictator to any tribal land in Uganda to fight back?

The future depends on Ugandans & they alone, in UNITY, can make their statement!
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0 #12 Akot 2018-10-15 18:39
gwok, yet,

The country formed by triabl lands belongs to Ugandans & not to Musevnei & this useless police that does not know they it's used by Musevnei & they have become criminals oppressing the very people they should join & dance with in such occations, to free themselves of stress from work & just breath, dance, sing along!

This police is not even aware they are terrorists working for chief terrorist Museveni to oppress the people who give them tax money!

Ugandans only have to slave to pay them, but have no right to entertainments, no right to public gathering unless it's to receive Museveni!

Bobi Wine is the only opposition leader still heard! This will soon end as he too, has not managed to draw Ugandans to UNITY to block & force Museveni out, the only move that will force police/army to either go with the demon or become real Ugandans & protect the people who pay them!
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