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Mak doctor speaks out on suicide rate

Without disputing the form or facts of the story titled; “10 students commit suicide every month’’ published in The Observer on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, Dr. Caroline Birungi, a psychiatrist at Makerere University’s department of Psychiatry, who was the key source interviewed for the article, has decided to revise her own statistics given to this paper in last week’s interview (Editor).

Below is her clarification.

I’m writing to clarify on the story published in The Observer titled “10 students commit suicide every month.”

I meant to say that 10 per cent of students who present to the hospital have serious mental illness (Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar affective disorder) and if left unattended to, they can develop complications that may lead to suicide, alcohol/substance abuse and dropping out of school among others.

Dr. Caroline Birungi, Psychiatrist/ Department of Psychiatry


0 #1 Akot 2018-10-08 19:14
Dr. Caroline Birungi, thank you!

It's clear that your fear of the future of these students which is that of Uganda, is justified & this is what you wanted us to know!

Ugandans must know that, without them bringing change, then put in place a people's government, these uncalled for serious mental illness: Depression, Schizophrenia...will affect more & more students as they see no meaning in their education
under continued destruction of the country & its people!

Students see:

- parliament is there to blind the world,

- there is no opposition to UNITE Ugandans to bring change,

- tribal leaders are unconcerned about how Ugandans live: they just help Museveni tribalistically rule/control divided powerless Ugandans!...
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0 #2 Akot 2018-10-08 19:20
- divided power hungry pretentious, ignorant, selfish opposition leaders are not aware non of them will ever replace Museveni as long as the country is under his colonial authority,

- tax money is Musevnei 's pocket money thet he distributes at will to only those he wants to SHUT UP, knowing they will take the money & keep quiet while waiting for the next hand out from the demon!

Students now see that the country belongs to Museveni & they have no place in it, especially as condition of education is so difficult & there is no hope of jobs for them in Museveni's Uganda!

Museveni has Ugandans just where he wants & it's now a matter of time he finalises conquest of the country!...
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0 #3 Akot 2018-10-08 19:24
While Ugandans up country/in villages are used to hard living, know they have been forgotten a long time ago, never been included in any government projects, students belived they still had chance/hope through education!

But as things get worse & as Museveni has already cleared path for his continuity & there is no way he will give Ugandans chance to stand up to him, students now see things clearly - they too, are in the same sinking ship: every Ugandan is doomed!

But students should know the country, the future belong to them & they MUST organise themselves & stand up to bring change, knowing they will be bolstered by those up country/villagers to whom Uganda belongs too!

If students at this level of education give up, then how are the poor up country, those abandoned in villages, ever make it, more so these have many children & put their hopes on educated Ugandan young?
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