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Mugisha Muntu quits FDC party

Mugisha Muntu

Mugisha Muntu

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu has quit the party he helped found in 2004.

In a brief statement posted on his social media accounts, he said; "we have confirmed to the FDC leadership our decision to leave the party as the best way forward for all of us."

Muntu said he will address media on Thursday at Hotel Africa. The departure of Muntu and colleagues whose names have not been confirmed came hours after he presented a report from his countrywide consultations to a section of FDC leadership led by the party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat at Fairway Hotel. 

Amuriat's team included Rubaga division mayor Joyce Sebugwawo, former party administrator Wycliff Bakandonda, Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munyagwa and Wakiso FDC party chairperson Caleb Muhanguzi.

Muntu's team comprised of former FDC secretary general Alice Alaso, party elder Sewava Serubiri and the newly elected Arua Municipality MP Kassiano Wadri during the meeting.

A statement had earlier on circulated prematurely indicating that Muntu and his group had left FDC. However moments later Muntu apologised for the prematurely released statement.

"I've always been a firm believer in following one's principles. One such principle is honesty. Today, one of our team members erroneously and prematurely released a draft statement to the public. I apologise for that." Muntu said. 
Meanwhile, Amuriat in a statement said FDC will formally scrutinise the report that Muntu presented to them and respond.

"At the time of conclusion of our meeting, our colleagues and my team had not had a point of casual or fundamental disagreement. We agreed that FDC institutions will scrutinise their findings and formally report back to Gen. Mugisha Muntu," he said. 

Amuriat said Muntu and his group were not opposed to the current FDC leadership. Since he lost the presidency to Amuriat in November last year, Muntu has been a loggerheads with the current FDC leadership.

The difference in political ideology has created two camps in the country's biggest opposition party. Muntu believes in building party structures while Amuriat believes in civil disobedience to bring down President Yoweri Museveni's stronghold on power. 

According to Munyagwa, Muntu came into today's meeting with an already made decision to quit the party. He reportedly told the meeting that he's going to found a new party. 


0 #11 gwok 2018-09-26 16:28
Quoting Wooden K.:
Hello Gen Muntu !

You are indeed a great man . You are tough by polite and honest . I am told that among all the NRA commanders from you-know-where , you were the ONLY ONE who was not TRIBAL.

Over the years , you have proved that you can work with all sorts of Ugandans . You are not a bully or somebody who likes to suck all the air out of the room.....etc .

That is a befitting political obituary for the General, isn't it?

This is mine: Dear Gen Muntu, please look for a quiet corner of Uganda and sit in there PEACEFULLY to gather political dust, your bio-clock allowing.
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