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Kirumira: Mbabazi family reject police condolence money

It was a sombre mood in Mpanga village in Mpenja sub-county in Gomba district during the burial of Resty Nalinya Mbabazi.

Mbabazi was gunned down together with Muhammad Kirumira, the former Buyende district police commander. The duo was gunned down by unidentified assassins on Saturday night at Bulenga town council in Wakiso district.

While Kirumira was buried on Sunday in accordance with the Islamic tradition and practice, Mbabazi was laid to rest on Monday afternoon.
Unlike Kirumira's funeral that was filled with pomp and political tension, Mbabazi's funeral was calm. Several mourners castigated the masterminds of assassinations in the country and faulted government for failing to provide security to citizens. 

Family members seated around the casket of Resty Nalinya Mbabazi

Katonga region police commander, Francis Chemusto represented Uganda Police Force, which catered for the entire burial ceremony through A-plus funeral managers. Shortly after his arrival, Chemusto went to console the family of deceased in silence. 

He pulled out a brown envelope and tried to hand it to the deceased's father, Aloysius Kayitale but he turned it down. The commander who appeared dejected, slowly pocketed the envelope before his juniors located for him a seat. Our reporter later learnt that the money was a condolence of Shs 2 million from the inspector general of police, Martin Okoth Ochola. 

Gomba resident district commissioner, Fred Nayebale, who delivered the president's condolence massage containing Shs 5 million also feared to confront the emotional father and handed over the cash to other family members.

The deceased's relative (name withheld for security reasons) who witnessed the murder said that Mbabazi was a mobile agent in Bulenga. The relative explained that the late Kirumira was a regular customer at Mbabazi's mobile money shop.

The relative said Kirumira would often park at Mbabazi's mobile money outlet and make several transactions.

With tears in the relative's eyes, he/she said Kirumira parked his vehicle on the fateful night possibly to load credit or make a mobile money transaction on his mobile phone, but unlike on the previous occasions, he beckoned Mbabazi to the car.

The relative notes that the unidentified assailants riding on a motorcycle pulled up and sprayed the duo with bullets. The relative says that after the shooting, several boda boda riders pulled Kirumira and Mbabazi from the car.
The relative explained that the boda boda motorists placed Mbabazi who was still breathing on a pick-up truck and rushed her to Lubaga hospital. The relative says Mbabazi's life could have been saved, but the medical workers informed the family that they were under strict instructions not to attend to the duo.

"She did not die instantly but when they took them to hospital, hospital authorities said they had been instructed not to attend to them. Maybe our sister would have been still alive if the hospital had attended to her. We are feeling great pain and angry at whoever passed that order," said the relative. 

Umar Rwejema Kyeyune, another family member that Mbabazi had tentatively separated with her husband, Benon Mayambala because of some marital problems. He explained that the late Kirumira offered to mediate between the two because he was a friend to Mbabazi.

"Mbabazi had a misunderstanding with her husband and she confided in Afande Kirumira because they were close friends. Kirumira offered to mediate between the two but as that was still ongoing she went and rented for herself a house in the neighbourhood," said Kyeyune. 
Another relative to the deceased, says that after learning about Kirumira's death at around 10pm on the news, he tried to call Mbabazi but her phone rang went without reply. He/she says a few minutes later, he received a call from someone informing him that his sister had been killed alongside Kirumira.

"We learnt of her death at around 8.30pm and because she had been killed near her workplace, it was easy for passersby to identify her. Personally, I was watching the 9 O’clock news and I saw that indeed Mbabazi had been murdered." he/she said.  
Who was Mbabazi ?
Resty Nalinya Mbabazi was born in 1993 to Alyosoiyus Kayitale and Fredian Kyalimpa at Mpenja village in Gomba district. She went to Mpenga primary school. She later moved in with her old sister in Kisaasi, Kampala where she lived for several years before she got married and relocated to Bulenga.

She has been described as a social person who liked everybody. Relatives say although late Mbabazi hasn't been well off financially, she has been playing a central role in treating their ill mother.
Mbabazi died aged 26 and is survived by two children; Angelina Nabumba aged 3, and Sebastian Ssabwe Kaweesa aged 5. 


+6 #11 Mubiru 2018-09-11 16:58
Wooded K. about corruption, please read an article written in today,s New Vision by a one Margret Muhanga who mbu is related to Mwenda.

This is the woman who claimed to have sold chicken, sheep,goats, to buy a prime land somewhere in Bugolobi imagining the Uganda idiots as their master-in-chief refers to us must believe her "defense" no matter how weird it was..

Well the master must be vindicated because no further steps were taken against the woman by the idiotic commission.

By the way why were there no brown envelops from the Police, commendably rejected by Mbabazi's family, at Kirumira's funeral? ! Could that be an eye opener? May God Help Ugandans.
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+7 #12 Fuller 2018-09-11 18:58
My condolences to Resty's family, may she Rest in Peace.

Very brave of Mr. Kayitale to refuse the money. The entire regime and its servants don't get it!

They think they will just go about committing murder and buying their way out -- with money looted from taxpayer funds.

Better for Crook-in-Chief and his convoy of tone-deaf servants to pack up, take their 2m/- and leave Uganda so the country can have a fresh start.

The alternative is to wait and face what's coming.
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+7 #13 Wooden K. 2018-09-11 20:11
Nkulamusizza Mukulu Mubiru !

Margret Muhanga has just thrown in her own hat to compete for this year`s Nobel Prize for ABSTRACT INTELLIGENCE.

She joins her brother who discovered that corruption is good for an economy.

She joins Dr. Spe Kajibwe who revealed that building good hospitals is not good because it encourages people to get sick.

She joins Dr. Baryomunsi who testified that a woman cannot tell if she is bleeding because she has been beaten or because she is mensetruating.

She joins Oalanya who said that both Bobi Wne and Zaake are in great pain but have no (internal) injuries.

She joins H. E. Musanvu who has decided that he can solve gun violence by arming 24,000 more potential shooters.

The list of candidates is too long to print.
Muhangi has a fight on her goatly hands .

Amaaso ku lutimbe !
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+4 #14 Andama 2018-09-11 22:48
Observer can you please verify statement that medics were under strick orders not to treat the duo.

If true then this is indeed grave and very unfortunate. Have we been reduced to this?
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+1 #15 Kelly 2018-09-12 09:58
Can someone tell me why M& did not at any one time mention anything to do with Oil exploration in Uganda which has been his pet subject aside? I am really curious about that. Something isn't right.

Wooden K, Betty Nalubega, Gwok, Lakwena, Ejakait Erongot. Please help me dissect this loud silence by the president on oil!!!
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0 #16 kelem 2018-09-12 10:36
From the look of things it was an inside job. "

She did not die instantly but when they took them to hospital, hospital authorities said they had been instructed not to attend to them."
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0 #17 Remase 2018-09-12 16:50
"Mbabazi family reject police condolence money."

Fellow Ugandans, compare this with Bishop Lwanga who was called and received threats that he will be killed just like Luwumu was killed if he was not careful!

M7 called Bishop Lwanga and they had a talk. M7 never apologized to the bishop neither did M7 inform the nation that that call was unacceptable and whoever called the bishop would be brought to book.

Never, however, M7 gave the Bishop a brown envelope of Sh. 500m and the bishop gladly accepted it! Why?

This is the problem we are facing as nation. We are not together and out leaders in various institutions have betrayed us.

If they are not quiet, some make statements which are not helpful but to the need for a change but helpful to "no change."

This goes to more particularly to Nabagereka who has made it a habit to get so close to those in govt or those who have done us wrong.

Why? If we are to win the war against no change, we need to be reading from the same page.
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0 #18 Wooden K. 2018-09-12 18:37
Hello Kelly !

there is nothing to dissect in Superma`s`speach .
The verdic is already in ; it was an F -rated performance .

But.... you`ve got to give some break to the Super Jajja , No one talks , and talks , and talks for 33 years and does not run out of intelligent things to say.

Our Guy is dried out, yet he finds himself in a jam. His body tells him to show up everywhere ; his mind is not coperating.

Forget the OIL; at least he told you that his children are busy protecting their wealth.
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