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Bobi Wine re-arrested, charged with treason

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been rearrested within minutes after he was freed by the General Court Martial.

Bobi was freed by the Army court after the state had withdrawn charges of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition slapped against the MP last week.

Bobi Wine who looked frail appeared before the Army court in Gulu. He was arrested last week alongside over 33 others on allegations of stoning President Yoweri Museveni's motorcade in Arua.

Bobi Wine was rearrested within two seconds after being freed by the Army court

Bobi, like Museveni were in Arua to campaign for their respective candidates. After being freed, Bobi was arrested on the orders of Crime Investigations and Intelligence Directorate (CIID) boss Grace Akullo who was also in the Army court in Gulu today.

Bobi was freed at around 11.21am but arrested shortly and driven with his wife, Barbie Kyagulanyi to Chief Magistrate's court in Gulu where he is facing treason charges.

He was flown last night from Makindye military barracks where he's been remanded since August 15. At Gulu Magistrate's court, prosecution asked court to remand Bobi to Gulu Main Prison like his co-accused as police is still carrying out investigations.

Bobi's lawyer, Medard Sseggona said they do not object to the suspect being remanded but he should be remanded in hospital so as to receive healthcare. Sseggona said they do not object to Bobi being guarded while in hospital so as to receive adequate medical care.

Sseggona argued that when the same court last week remanded the co-accused until August 30, the allegedly tortured suspects have not received treatment.

Bobi, he said has only received painkillers and massages to heal the swellings on his face while in detention in Makindye barracks. Bobi was remanded until August 30 but allowed to access healthcare at a facility of his choice.


-1 #21 Lakwena 2018-08-24 07:50
Quoting Wooden K.:
Hello Lakwena ,

mubadde ki bannaffe !!! Is everyone in bad form today ?

Let me make it even simpler for you : of course Brig. Charles Alube did not and could not shoot himself thrice in the chest.

Pespotic Amin killed Alube and then come out with a "DESPOTIC TRUTH " about how Alube`s life ended

Today , we do not have a despot in the Command Post , but we have the same "TRUTHS" that ain`t TRUE.

If you want to see something comical , try that one about Zaake escaping from custody .

If that doesn`t work , try the next one that Bobi Wine shot his own driver .

Mutaaka Wooden, icoo maber?

In other words, I like your sense of humor. Have a nice day.
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-1 #22 Betty Nalubega 2018-08-24 13:18
Fuller dear ,
please give Kyagulanyi advocates a break !

Unless you are on the other side of this fence , it is unfair of you to accuse Hon. Sseggona of helping the persecutor.

This is a very complex situation . For more than a week Bobi Wine was entirely in the hands and at the mercy of his tormentors.

A good advocate must or should first secure the safety and wellfare of their client before they can fight for his/her justice.

Kudos to Hon. Sseggona and others then, that they chose an option they judged to be a less grievous situation for their client.

One should not ignore the theory that the bullet that took Yasin Kawuma`s life was intended for Hon Kyagulanyi.
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0 #23 miki 2018-08-24 16:59
What explanations do the authorities in this rotten NRM government and the criminal Uganda police have about the guns and ammunitions that were so prominently displayed as evidence found with the accused?

This is the major question we should be asking as Ugandans. This continuing trend of framing Ugandans with manufactured evidence, the orchestrated confessions has been used by successive government investigative authorities since Idi Amin and was elevated to new levels by the now disgraced General Kayihura as head of the criminal Uganda Police.

Ugandans must be very, very concerned about this continuing trend. Where did the 'Kyagulanyi' guns come from? Where did they go? And are the individuals responsible for manufacturing this evidence facing any consequences?
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-1 #24 juwait kali 2018-08-25 22:08
Nalubega it's surprising that you have mentioned bobies driver getting in the way of the bullets that were intended for kyagulanyi.

That driver is the hero of the century because he did it deliberately to save his boss and Uganda.

In addition I also commend bobies security, zake, and journalists because they all did their job. Museveni wanted bobi dead. Eventually the truth will come out.
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-1 #25 Wanaichi 2018-08-26 04:06
Bobi Wine must have been drinking lots of wine and food otherwise he would not behave like drunken pig.

Going through streets and shouting and calling for disobedience in free and democratic Uganda where laws are respected and freedoms guaranteed says much about this pig

We now see that he is foreign spy and agent since he is asking America to defend him,not Uganda lawyers.

Ugansa has many prominent and good lawers who are surely better qualified then American ones.

Why Bobi Dingo wants US lawyers? Can he tell us how much money was he given and what training and where did he receive to disturb and alarm quiet and happy Ugandans,?
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0 #26 Wanaichi 2018-08-26 04:13
Also, what kind of halugenous drugs was he using and did the Government check his blood and uncovered exactly what kind of opiates was Bobi Dingo the Dog was using to shout like crazy dog " People Power" "People power".!!!

What people power Dingo wants? Does he want chaos and anarchy that was in existence before when the same mobs were killing and raping women at night, stealing killing without punishment?

No .Tragic past and Uganda sufferings must not be repeated I witnessed them many years ago, but young generations do not.

Fullsupport toM7 and NRM. Government.
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