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Policeman shot at parliament

A police officer attached to the counter terrorism unit at parliament has been shot under unclear circumstances.

Kapchebungai Mudashir was shot in the leg at the basement parking opposite Parliament Avenue yesterday at about 4:00pm. Kapchebungai was rushed to an unknown hospital in an ambulance.

According to sources that preferred anonymity, it is not yet clear how Kapchebungai was shot.

Area around where the shooting happened

"They don't know where the bullet came from, but they just saw the man falling down. But there was no sound, and there [was] blood all over" the source told URN.

Parliament security officers confirmed the incident but declined to speak on the matter. Parliament's director of communications Chris Obore said that there was a shooting incident at parliament, but it was not worrying.

"There was an incident in which one police officer sustained an injury. He is receiving treatment and the condition is not worrying" said Obore.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said that police is investigating the incident. 


0 #11 Odessa Sekitte 2018-08-22 01:13
If the bullet struck the parliament police officer without sound from the gun, then it suggests tht the gun had a silencer mounted on its muzzle.

This is very worrying & i have a feeling whoever did this was simply testing the waters in preparation for a bigger disruptive event.
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0 #12 Lakwena 2018-08-22 08:26
In other words, Uganda is full of ghosts in the armed forces.

The guy was probably shot by one of the 8,000 ghost policemen/women, discovered during the recent UP headcount.
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0 #13 Kelly 2018-08-22 08:51
"He is receiving treatment and the condition is not worrying" says Chris (Paul turned Saul) Obore. Really!!!

Listen to this imbecile! How can someone who suffered from gun shots and bleeding profusely not be in a worrisome situation.

Oh Chris! Chris Obore! What happened to the Chris Obore of Kfm? Where did it all go wrong?

I am not a sadist but I just wish one day a "stray" bullet whizzes past Chris Obore's ears.

If a person shot in the leg is not to be worried about, why the fury over a 'mere car window shuttered by a mere stone?'!!!!
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0 #14 eric L 2018-08-22 12:04
Some good news trickling in.
When an army and its Police become oppressors of the public, the public will definitely support any oppressor of the same.

These forces risk getting the image of Obote and Amin's army in my sight. When is the next shooting??I want to see SFC suffering now.
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0 #15 gwok 2018-08-22 22:02
Quoting rubangakene:
History has a way of repeating itself. I remember sometime back in Kampala, Tanzanian soldiers on patrol would fall down suddenly without any sound of gun fire; they had been shot using silencer pistols!

On the other hand this Unfortunate police officer accidentally shot himself because he wasn't well trained to use the "deadly weapon meant for innocent Wanainchis.

God sure moves in a mysterious way and when he takes a breather from your side the devil steps in and says; "Come along son, I will take it from here."

He is said to be a counter-terrorist Officer. To me, that means that he was appropriately trained.

Therefore, he could not have short himself on the foot, except if, aware of the way security situations are developing all around him, he [deliberately] wanted an excuse not to be deployed at potentially "hot" sights such as the Parliament or Radio Uganda premises.
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+4 #16 Wanaichi 2018-08-23 02:27
It makese sick to the point of vomitting when I read these shamless comments of various thugs who pollute the minds of normal and good will readers.

These pigs compete in who will make more hateful and destructive comments for Uganda society and they are permitted by the shamless editorial staff of this foreign paid and CIA edited newspaper.

We have CIA own admissions that their agents fueled dissent and hate in the case of break of Tito Yugoslavia They have money, tools and access to thugs like pigs Akot, Gwok, Lakwena and others who never stop publishing such shameful and anti Uganda sentiments aimed at angering ordinary Ugandans and causing rebellion.

They are as M7 said FRAME NEWS and paid foreign agents and spies who occupy space of every day Observer comments and nobody does not do anything about these CIA pigs.
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