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One shot dead in city Bobi Wine protests

A soldier points a gun at a suspected protestor 
One person has been shot dead in Katwe during protests over the continued detention of Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine. 

The deceased whose identity is yet-to-be confirmed was shot dead as police officers and military personnel fired bullets and tear gas to disperse the angry crowds who were demanding for the freedom of the now jailed legislator. 
The protesters who'd marched from Katwe market were intercepted at USAFI market, by the police and army, who fired live bullets, killing the protestor. Emilian Kayima, the police spokesperson confirmed the shooting of the unidentified man.

"Details are still scanty and we have not identified the victim," Kayima said.

The shooting comes a day after Sam Ssekiziyivu, a resident of Mityana was yesterday shot dead by police officers. Police has since arrested two of its own officers who allegedly fired bullets at the moving taxi. The two police officers are currently detained at Mityana police station.

Protests demanding for Bobi Wine's freedom have become a daily occurrence allover the country since the MP was arrested last week on Tuesday. Today, the demonstrators, most of them youths, began walking from Kisekka market and Kampala road heading to Constitutional Square from where they would move to Makindye military barracks. The protests soon spread to Kampala road, Nasser road, Ndeeba, Nateete and Old Kampala.

But the demonstrators were intercepted by anti-riot police personnel who used tear gas and bullets to disperse the crowds. The police officers were shortly backed up by military police personnel. 

The prolonged heavy sound of gunfire and tear gas forced traders to close their shops. Susan Akite, one of the shop attendants at Mabiriizi complex, says that she was told by her boss to close their shop the moment the live bullets and tear gas were fired. 

More than 30 protestors were also arrested and are currently detained at Kampala central police station. Kyagulanyi was charged in the Army court with illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. He was remanded to Makindye military barracks until August 23. Other jailed MPs include Paul Mwiru, Gerald Karuhanga and MP-elect Kassiano Wadri, former MP Mike Mabikke and 30 others.


In yet another targeted attack on journalists, our own photographer Alfred Ochwo was assaulted by soldiers while on his way back to office. 

"They were targeting anyone with a camera. They were asking 'why are you taking pictures of journalists?'. They arrested me and pushed under the car seats of the police truck. It was a police truck but driven by soldiers." said Ochwo. 

Ochwo was arrested together with NTV's Juma Kirya and Ronald Galiwango. 

Ochwo was hit on the head by soldiers 

"They were using magalo (pliers) to twinge us allover the body. I have bruises allover the body and feeling a lot of pain. We were unlucky that we were the first people they arrested. They put us on that police truck and thereafter they piled three more other people they had arrested on top of each of us.

Our main worry was that they were going to drive us to Makindye barracks because if they had beaten us like that in the open, what would happen inside the closed walls of a barracks? But when they drove us to the central police station, it was a sigh of relief." he added. 

Jimmy Akena a photojournalist with Reuters was also beaten up while covering the protest in Kisekka market. Military personnel descended upon Akena when he was taking photographs of them firing bullets and arresting demonstrators.

He was bundled unto a police patrol vehicle and taken to CPS Kampala for detention. According to a source at CPS Kampala, Akena was ordered to hand over his laptop and phone together with wallet and his ring that could not be removed because his hand was bleeding profusely. His camera is reported to be shattered. 

Akena has since been taken to the police sickbay for treatment. 


-3 #11 Richie 2018-08-21 10:06
It does not show justice and freedom because the government is trying to cover the death of bobi`s driver but again in the scandal many other people are getting injured and argry mobs are increasing, for a man like bobi now he is not the small man they knew before coz his name is allover media in the whole world any attempt to hurt him exposes our country the world and hence we lose respect for our country and they will look at the top leader our president.

the behaviour of the military people is not good and to some extent its like they are the ones trying to provoke people citizens this puts the respect of our president in question.

lets look at how best we can move our country to the best future without any one losing his or her life, no disrespect .
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-2 #12 mayengo adam 2018-08-21 11:57
Mr. President, it’s also important to learn to accept the fact that you cannot win all the time and as such allow the voters’ wish to prevail in some circumstances other than forcing your will on them at all costs.

You have far beyond the numbers in parliament already. What then makes Your Excellence, feel like every bye-election should be a matter of death or life?

you have been agood father agood teacher but now all u did is being washed away by blood everyday in streets of uganda. its hard for you seeing your self outside state house.

seeing your son you grooming saluting others.... people come and go if you feel you have no shame then this will be forwarded to your children and grand children all who die need life. just broken wind screen of car can't cause death and making Ugandan paying taxa to provide to you well being thanking them with death. we love you but please think about this.
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+2 #13 Lwazi 2018-08-21 15:19
A lot of people have started to accept that this regime would not be in power now for over 30 years now if buganda Kingdom and mengo are not cunningly prolonging their stay because they might be getting some thing from above.

Our people have no jobs, are killed and sent onto slavery in Arab countries and you still telling us ..ekitibwa kya buganda kyavadda!!
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0 #14 Lakwena 2018-08-22 08:04
In other words, the tributary of blood of the unidentified innocent man; that of Yasin Kawuma and that of Sam Ssekiziyivu of Miyana, trickles and flows in the direction of Mr. M7's doorsteps, where it will curdle and dries black.

These bloodshed are fresh reminder to Ugandans that: the era of terror and murder of innocent Ugandans is still with us.

May the souls of these innocent Ugandans rest in peace, but the curse of their spilt blood, be upon the head of Mr. M7 and those who pulled the triggers.

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+1 #15 Lakwena 2018-08-22 08:10
Why would a UPDF soldier menacingly point the dark barrel of a gun at unarmed and arm-twisted Ugandan who is on his knees, and being clobbered by other officers?

Oh God, where are you?
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