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I won't be an obstacle to Uganda's liberation - Besigye

Former presidential candidate and Forum for Democratic Change party president Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye is ready to support and work with any individual that a united opposition front forward to liberate the country. 

Besigye who has contested in four presidential elections since 2001 and controversially lost to the incumbent has lately, sometimes unfairly, come under criticism from within his own party, FDC and by other opposition politicians for being a main-stay like President Museveni in the country's politics. 

Seemingly bewildered by the accusations of selfishness and refusing to relinquish the face of opposition, Besigye told journalists during a presser at his Katonga office that there is no need to waste any more time because the country needs to be liberated immediately. 

Kizza Besigye (2nd L) has called for a united opposition

"If Besigye’s face is the problem, lets put another face and we move. It is urgent that we recover this country. I will not allow my face to be a problem - not at all. Not to be an obstacle to the liberation of this country, I won’t. Nothing should hold the liberation of this country for any other day, nothing." said Besigye

"Because the condition in the country is worrying, is horrendous - people have no food, people have no where to sleep, people have no jobs…no healthcare, no education. We cannot keep on wasting time telling stories - this one is the problem, that one is the problem. We must solve this and get the country to move forward." 

The presser was attended by FDC party president, Patrick Amuriat Oboi, FDC chairperson, Wasswa Biriggwa, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, MPs Roland Kaginda, Francis Mwijukye, and William Nzoghu among others.

Besigye said that it was unfortunate that incidents in Arua that led to the arrest of a number of MPs and opposition supporters, came at a time when the opposition is fractured. More than 30 people including MPs were arrested in Arua on Monday for allegedly stoning the president's convoy. 

"We must immediately close ranks; this is not the time for bickering, for making petty scores against each other. This is a time to rally and recover the country," Besigye said. He added that efforts are being made for opposition forces to form a united front by Monday so that all their actions are coordinated.

He said that the togetherness in opposition that he, and others are calling for should not worry his critics that he will be its face. Besigye's call comes after a section of the FDC party leaders including the party chairperson, Biriggwa and deputy secretary general, Harold Kaija admitted that internal fights are tearing the party apart.

The in fights in FDC became visible after Amuriat was voted party president to replace Gen Mugisha Muntu during last year's party delegates' conference at Namboole. After the release of the results, Muntu together with his campaign team resolved to have countrywide consultations to make a final decision about their next step.

This has seen most of the members who were on Gen Muntu's campaign trail evade party meetings and activities. Some of the members include former Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso, former leader of opposition Winnie Kiiza, Kibweri MP Francis Gonahasa, and Bugweri MP Abdu Katuntu.

In a recent interview, Alaso said she didn't believe in the defiance campaign of the current leadership and that she was not to go back until the belief is changed.

In the recent Arua municipality campaigns, Gen Muntu together with the People Power movement headed by the now-jailed Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi campaigned for an independent candidate, Kassiano Wadri, as opposed to the official FDC candidate Bruce Musema.

Muntu has since said that he finalized his countrywide consultations and was to meet Amuriat and former FDC presidential aspirant, Besigye before the end of this month to talk about his final decisions.


+2 #21 Stewart 2018-08-20 16:18
Every Ugandan who believes M7, Besigye and Muntu are different from one another should take some break and visit mental recreations, these are the very same people who "Fraudulently" went to the bush to gain wealth, can they be the solution to the problem they created?

of all the bandits that have ever fought and gained access to power, these are the most useless lot, nothing development except destruction, Besigye and Muntu were part of bigots that raided all the cattle in Lango and Teso for fear that it will make these tribes powerful.
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