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Bobi Wine resolve not diminished or crushed, says wife Barbie

Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi, the wife to jailed Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi has said her husband, though in bad physical shape after being tortured by security officials, has not lost his resolve to fight for a better Uganda.

Mrs Kyagulanyi, in a Facebook post said her husband who was arrested this week and charged in a military court with three counts of illegal possession of firearms is in great pain everywhere but knows too well that this the price that he has to pay for what he believes in.

Kyagulanyi and more than 30 others were arrested on allegations that they had stoned President Yoweri Museveni's motorcade in Arua on Monday. 

Below is her statement in full...

Barbie Kyagulanyi (file photo)

Family, friends and well-wishers,

Today I went with lawyers and members of the Uganda Human Rights Commission to Makindye military prisons, and after many days I was able to see my husband with my own eyes. I am first of all thankful to God that he is still alive! Let’s continue to pray for him.

Bobi is in pain. Bobi is hurting EVERYWHERE. We nearly lost him! He wonders how he is still alive after such treatment.

Bobi cannot stand on his own. He has a swollen face- very deformed. At first sight, it is very unlikely that you would recognize him. You may not understand this unless if you see him. His forehead is bruised and his eyes are red.

He has many wounds including one on his ear. He seems to have been punched many times on the face. He cannot walk. He was carried into the room where we saw him. He cannot sit straight. He speaks with difficulty and has a lot of pain breathing.

He has great pain in the left side ribs and hip. He bled a lot through the ears and through the nose. Blood stains are still visible! He is in such a terrible state and in need of urgent medical attention. I could not believe that an innocent man can be taken through all this because he has a different political opinion.

According to his story, he was not even at the scene where chaos allegedly took place in Arua. He was with friends watching news at a restaurant when news came out that his driver had been shot dead.

He quickly went into his room as gun shots raged on, and for many hours throughout the night, he kept hearing soldiers banging doors and breaking into rooms of the hotel.

Later, the soldiers came to his room and broke into it. They found him standing in the room and the soldiers immediately ordered him to kneel down. Before he could reach the floor, one soldier hit his head with an iron bar and he fell down.

They all descended on him, stepping on his head with boots and hitting him everywhere. He became unconscious thereafter and after so many hours, he realized that he was at the Arua airfield on handcuffs. He can't tell what they might have done to him during that time.

After gaining consciousness, he was given many injections and has no idea what they were for. They took him to Gulu where he was detained. He can hardly remember what took place in court yesterday as he was only regaining consciousness.

He was later airlifted to Makindye where he is being detained. I have seen many victims of torture- never have I seen anyone in the state which Bobi is in! When he narrates these stories, you see the kind of trauma he is going through.

He told us that he spends every night on handcuffs, with his legs tied! When you set your eyes on him, you cannot help but wonder what kind of human beings can do such things to a fellow human being.

Here is the good news - Bobi is strong at heart. His resolve has not diminished. His bones have been broken, but his spirit has not been crushed.

He is still the husband I met many years ago. He knows that he is innocent of all that he is being accused of. His only crime is standing for justice and for trying to speak for the common person. He was surprised when we told him that he is accused of possessing firearms- he was hearing about this for the first time.

Instead, the soldiers who arrested him took away his wallet and the money he had on him. He wonders why he is being tried by military courts! But he knows that this is part of the price he has to pay for what he believes in. He asks Ugandans to remain firm, even in the face of such repression.

He is deeply hurt by his driver, Yasin Kawuma’s death and very sad that he was not allowed to bury him! We told him about the dire health condition of Hon. Francis Zaake and others, and he sent sympathies.

He asked me to be strong for the sake of our children and I promised him that I am strong and I will remain strong. I told him how many people in Uganda and abroad are very concerned about him and he asked me to appreciate you all on his behalf.

Our request is that he is urgently allowed to access his doctors so that he gets the much needed medical attention. Especially since he highly suspects that he underwent internal bleeding.

May God’s angels be with you Bobi in that military facility where I am not. May the God of heaven fight this battle for you and for all of us.

Barbie Kyagulanyi


+1 #31 Juma Kato 2018-08-18 19:56
Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi is going to be more than strong.

This is just the begging of a long nightmare.

The dictator got hold of her husbands phones. I can bet that right now , they are busy extracting material from these phones that they will use black-mail and attempt to destroy Bobi Wine and his family.

They are going to create a scandal. They will also plant false material and use it to incriminate and arrest other people.

Private images ,sms , e-mails between a young wife and a hotblooded husband are now in the hands of the Dictator`s machine.

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+2 #32 Juma Kato 2018-08-18 20:11
Barbie should be prepared and ready for anything .
I predict that very soon there will be something "leaked" on Youtube . They will try to cause problems between her and Bobi Wine.

They will also take away Bobi`s Wine rght to travel . They will forbid him to speak , participate , adress or join a public event

That way , Bobi Wine is not going to be allowed to stage concerts or entertain large groups of people . His income is going to be blocked.

Barbie needs support of a strong PR team. She must keep her story in the news . She must be a step ahead of her husband`s jailor.

Yes , its tough , but Barbie needs to face the cameras herself , tell her own story and defend her man. This thing about someone reading her words with an American accent is not efffective .
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+3 #33 Juma Kato 2018-08-18 20:12
There is a strange irony to this madness: Barbie could end up becoming the most popular woman in Uganda , if she plays all her card right and without fear.

This might be a fight between The Beautiful & The Monster.

The good news that Uganda stopped believing what Mr. Museveni has to say . They are only interested in retreaving some money from him whenever and whereever the opportunity arises
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-1 #34 Musanyufu mazima 2018-08-18 21:37
Quoting Juma Kato:
There is a strange irony to this madness: Barbie could end up becoming the most popular woman in Uganda , if she plays all her card right and without fear.

This might be a fight between The Beautiful & The Monster.

The good news that Uganda stopped believing what Mr. Museveni has to say . They are only interested in retreaving some money from him whenever and whereever the opportunity arises

That advice is a lie Mr Kato! So instead of looking after her kids u want her to follow the path that has destroyed the husband?

Will you take care of the orphans once they are both gone???
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+1 #35 Juma Kato 2018-08-19 00:26
Musanyufu Masima must one those direct from planet Shithole .
How can advice be a lie ?

Orphans ?!

Yusuf Kawuma left 12 orphans . Who is going to take care of those ones ?

Who looked after Dr. Kayiira`s orphans ?

Only a pillock would mistake what I said for a "lie".

There is one guy who is out to destroy lives of any Uganda who does not agree with him: DICTATOR MUSEVENI !!!

What if Wnnie Byanyima had stayed home , said and did nothing when her husband was jailed , poisoned , beaten and frammed ? Is Anslem an Orphan `? because she fought back ?
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-2 #36 Juma Kato 2018-08-19 00:27
Does Musanyufu know that Museveni used a house-girl to not only send Besigye to prison as a rapist but principally to break up and destroy Byanyima`s marriage ?

Why shouldn`t such an evil mind not plant sex videos on Bobi Wine`s phone and send them to Barbie and tell her that her husband has been sleeping with so and so ?
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0 #37 Barbie 2018-08-19 03:27
Barbie please be strong, you have our back but it's sad that we can't do anything in this trying moment.

Bobi has gone through alot for the sake of the voiceless Ugandans. I pray God grants his desires.

We are voiceless and have no say but God knows when the time will come.

I know what your family is going through. Just be a strong woman as we have always known.

I we all have breaking points but I beg you to be strong for our beautiful babies, husband and us your supporters.
We love you Barbie. Keep praying.
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0 #38 Empayippayi 2018-08-19 03:58
Quoting John Bamwine:
It is quit absurd what is happening and what has happened.

Treatment of these suspects is abhorring but what is still not being addressed if true, is why these people of all possible things they could do, decided to attacked the presidential convoy.

You sound like the famous RDC of Buikwe, always living in denial and being ready to defend the regime by all means.

The attack on the President's car was stage managed in order to get at Bobi Wine.
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-3 #39 Wanaichi 2018-08-19 08:54
Such an innocent maaan? She says!!!!!?

Innocent as devil himself!! The thug,the terrorist who took arms against duly elected government and president and Dingo the dog called innocent man?

That says it all for normal human beings!! No wonder Dingo was beated and his bones displaced He should be rather executed in the spot because he dared to alarm the people use weapons to kill and he is innocent?

Hahaha and haha for those foolish diplomats who are defending terrorists again NRM government.!! I would expelled them all!! Their duty is to keep friendly ties in Uganda and not secretly give them money and intelligence plus advise.!!
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+1 #40 Ocaya pOcure 2018-08-19 13:40
Mky Barbie Kyagulanyi,
There exists a parable in my Ugandan African language which states; “behind a strong man there must exists a strong woman.”

Again, let us not forget that, this politically long journeys both you and your husband had started to travel is quite a tremendously far journey.

These journeys of yours is quite similar with that of the late, Ms Winnie Madikizela – Mandela (RIP) and rest assure that more Ugandans would join you folks.

Please stay strong and firm knowing that it is quite slippery and tempting but your steadfastness will be the very guiding principles.

Aluta continua
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