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Detained Kassiano Wadri wins Arua by-election

Detained independent candidate Kassiano Wadri has won the Arua municipality parliamentary seat.

Wadri who was not able to cast his ballot as he's still detained some 200km away in Gulu district, beat 11 others, among them, Nusura Tiperu, a member of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party who finished second in the race.

He polled 6,421 while his main challenger Tiperu polled 4,798 votes. Another independent candidate Robert Ejiku had 2,694 and Forum for Democratic Change's (FDC) Bruce Musema had 1,369 votes. Wadri was declared winner by the returning officer Ruth Angom Ococ at Arua Public School. 

Kassiano Wadri (L) with his chief mobiliser Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi 

The former Terego county legislator now takes the seat previously occupied by Col Ibrahim Abiriga who was gunned down in June this year. The total number of votes cast were 17,089 while invalid votes were 613.


Meanwhile, police in Arua today displayed items including two guns they say were recovered from the hotel room that was occupied by Wadri's chief mobiliser also Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine. Kyagulanyi's driver, Yasin Kawuma was gunned down on Monday evening at Hotel Pacific parking yard and has been laid to rest today at his ancestral home in Buwama, Mpigi district.

Among the exhibits police displayed before journalists as items allegedly recovered from Kyagulanyi's hotel room; include two rifles with 30 rounds of ammunition each, a pistol with 8 rounds of ammunition, several mobile phones, T-shirts and several red caps. 
While exhibiting the items before the media, Josephine Angucia the police spokesperson for West Nile said, police recovered the two guns from the hotel room of Kyagulanyi while the pistol was found with Wadri.

However, when asked in which room the police recovered the items and whether the hotel was aware of the exhibits, Angucia referred journalists to the hotel management.
Luigi Candia, the proprietor of Hotel Pacific dismissed the police allegations against Kyagulanyi as untrue - aimed at covering up the "vandalism and robbery" done by the presidential guards. Kyagulanyi was arrested on Tuesday morning allegedly from the ceiling of the hotel where he'd been hiding. Wadri and several MPs were arrested on Monday. 
Luigi said his hotel was besieged by the army who beat up hotel staff, vandalised guest rooms, destroyed furniture and went away with over Shs 80 million. He said the money belonged to the hotel and their guests.
Luigi added that he's documenting all the losses incurred as a result of the destruction caused by the army which besieged the hotel from Monday night till Tuesday afternoon. According to some of the hotel staff URN spoke to, more than 20 rooms were vandalized and their locks destroyed, three hotel staff including the watchman were beaten and are still receiving treatment. 
First deputy prime minister Gen Moses Ali told parliament today that Kyagulanyi will tomorrow appear before the General Court Martial in Gulu to face charges of treason. Ali told the MPs that Kyagulanyi was found in possession of a gun.
He also said that Kyagulanyi is receiving treatment at Gulu Military hospital. He said that the other MPs; Francis Zzake, Gerald Karuhanga, Paul Mwiru and former MP Mike Mabikke are under custody and will appear in the Gulu Magistrate's court tomorrow.

The MPs face tentative charges of obstructing the president's motorcade and inciting violence in Arua. The MPs were arrested by the presidential guards from Hotel Pacific on Monday.
Parliament selected six MPs; Jacob Oboth Oboth, Allan Ssewanya, Medard Ssegona, Andrew Baryayanga, Dolly Amulle and Jovah Kamateka to travel to Gulu to attend the General Court Martial.  


+4 #21 james oola 2018-08-16 09:37
people are tired of the regime and ruling by force thinking that before their bush war there was no Uganda and time is the best judge and it is so sad for bobi and wadri but FDC Should also be careful because we donot like the way they are behaving.
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+4 #22 Zaitun 2018-08-16 09:37
Why pity Moses Ali? He is an old man who knows what he doing and what is good for him.

First deputy prime minister Gen Moses Ali told parliament today that Kyagulanyi will tomorrow appear before the General Court Martial in Gulu to face charges of treason.

Ali told the MPs that Kyagulanyi was found in possession of a gun.

I only wish the clock could be rewound to 1970s to understand who Moses Ali actually is! He must be such a nut to forget his role in the killings of the 1970s.

Meanwhile, Ms Angucia should take responsibility to parade silly accusations against honest Ugandans whose only sin is to fight for the rights of Ugandans.

What will she give as a response to her siblings when people of Arua will accuse them of being brought into this world by a traitor, a woman whose sole aim to exist was driving her own people to prison in exchange for money?
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+6 #23 Ahmed 2018-08-16 09:50
Hon kyagulanyi is not the problem, deal with the issues at hand :corruption,nepotism, high crime rate,unemployment,poverty etc.

If only you could listen and deal with the causes rather than problems!!
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+4 #24 Deo 2018-08-16 12:36
President Museveni may kill all of us but he will never kill our ideas of freedom fight and right to justice
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0 #25 Mutenyi-Wangwe 2018-08-16 15:46
You are dead right Zaitum,it is Moses Ali then a Lt Col and commanding officer of simba battalion Mbarara who murdered John Lwamafa who had been a minister of Health in Obote1 government before 25 January 1971.

Lwamafa's head was put in a jeep and driven on every street and road around Mbarara town by Moses Ali.

While in Mbale his brother Col Joseph Ozo murdered former MP for Bugisu North West, George Woisi and dumped his body in Bugema forest. Today Moses Ali has been rewarded.
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0 #26 Odongkara 2018-08-17 10:08
Why NRM lost in Arua: The Brian White money factor.

Two weeks to the elections, shadowy Kampala city money launderer, Brian White, settled in Arua municipality in pretence to redeeming the youths and women out of poverty.

He distributed money and promised more huge sacks of money to the residents of the municipality, but, all those who attended these criminal like activities clearly saw it was a camouflaged political move for the NRM to woo votes because recipients were told to vote for the NRM because the Opposition do not give money.

Brian called on the youth and women to love and support Museveni.
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0 #27 Odongkara 2018-08-17 10:14
1- But that was taxpayers money used for wooing votes for Ms Tiperu.

2- If Bryan White was genuine then he was unknowingly an indictment of NRM dismal failure in the West Nile region, why vote for?

3- Bryan White's undisclosed source of funds portrayed him a criminal or their agent and his praise of Museveni placed the NRM amongst mafias.

4- The West Nile region, though the poorest, is renowned for honesty, humility and will not be in support of shady deals the likes of Bryan White. Bryan dealing for NRM cost the party dearly.
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