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Opposition could have shot dead Bobi's driver - police

Yasin Kawuma was shot dead yesterday
Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine's driver, Yasin Kawuma could have been shot by opposition politicians to taint government's image, police spokesperson Emilian Kayima has said. 
Kawuma breathed his last last evening after he was shot while inside Bobi Wine's Toyota Tundra vehicle near Hotel Pacific in Arua town.
Government officials were quick to blame opposition supporters for sparking off the shooting when they pelted with stones the motorcade of President Yoweri Museveni who was in Arua to campaign for the NRM candidate Nusura Tiperu ahead of Wednesday's by-election. The seat fell vacant following the shooting of former MP Ibrahim Abiriga in June. 
Senior presidential press secretary Don Wanyama, yesterday released images of what he claimed was one of the president's vehicles with shattered hind windscreens.
As Ugandans continue to debate the authenticity of the Wanyama's claims on social media with some suggesting it was stage-managed given that the president's is supposedly bullet-proof, police now says Kawuma could have been shot by the opposition. 
Kayima said after the chaos, presidential guards picked up several opposition politicians including Gerald Karuhanga (Ntungamo municipality), Paul Mwiru (Jinja East), Francis Zaake (Mityana), Michael Mabike the former Makindye East MP and Kasiano Wadri, an independent candidate in the Arua municipality parliamentary seat. Bobi Wine was eventually arrested today morning after a 12-hour search. 

According to Kayima, some of the arrested politicians were found with firearms, adding that they will subject the bullets from the scene to ballistic analysis to establish which gun released the killer bullets.

"This young man Yasin Kawuma succumbed to a bullet wound, we’re yet to know who, and I will tell you we cannot conclude anything here. Some of those that we arrested had weapons, so we shall need to know. Is it from them or from us [opposition]. Where did it come from and ballistic experts will do that during our investigations," said Kayima. 

Also arrested are 34 other suspects including four journalists who were covering live the events in Arua. The journalists have since been slapped with charges of inciting violence and malicious damage to property and released on police bond.
The other suspects are charged with obstructing and attacking the presidential motorcade contrary to section 24 of the Penal Code Act, which attracts a life sentence upon conviction. Kayima said the president like other designated diplomats are entitled to right of way and anyone who obstructs them has to face the law. 
"When his motorcade is in motion and there’s a siren it speaks to you - all motorists to give way…If you don’t then we investigate the motive. Is just an innocent traffic offence or you have a motive. And, look here; this [alleged attack on president's motorcade] happened at 4pm, it [shooting] happens at 6.30pm. All of us can think through this, so please don’t shift the blame." said Kayima. 

It's yet to be established whether the president's motorcade had a siren at the time of the scuffle. But even then, Kayima's narrative indeed corroborates several eye-witnesses' accounts who said that the shooting happened more than 2 hours after the alleged scuffle. Bobi Wine blamed the shooting on police, who he said had targeted kill him instead.
Other witnesses said in what appears to be pre-meditated murder that after seeing off the president who boarded a chopper back to Kampala, presidential guards came back to Hotel Pacific to hunt down for Bobi Wine, accusing him of mobolising the youth who attacked the president. It is then, that Kawuma was shot dead while attempting to park Bobi Wine's car. 
"Bobi's driver was shot 2km away at Hotel Pacific on Adumi road and 2hrs after the president left whereas the presidential motorcade took Ediofe road. Those are two different issues," said Dominic Alule.
"If the lead car of the presidential motorcade was shattered on Ediofe road, I, who passed on that route less than 30 minutes after the convoy would have found the pieces of glass on the road but I haven't seen any even now," added Alule who was responding on twitter to our earlier story about Kawuma's shooting. 


+1 #21 Jama 2018-08-15 02:46
Once again the demagogic and barbaric regime having realized their candidate could not win the elections, have resorted to fabricated lies and intimidation.

unfortunately they have added another victim to those they murdered before. This old man who is has taken Uganda for his personal property and considered himself a life president, is not ashamed to see a man who is almost the same age like his son Muhwezi (Kabila) decides to name a flagbearer his party in the next elections in which he won't take part.
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0 #22 Jama 2018-08-15 03:18
Pierre Nkurizia who is worth his son has fixed the deadline of his reign.

Meanwhile our old liberator continues to intimidate, murder and jail in order to hang on to power.

Dear old man is it not time to leave power through the door than to be forced through the window.

Its high time to save your family, tribesmen and friends from future humiliation because of your paradoxical acts.
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0 #23 James Mukwaya 2018-08-15 07:50
No bullet at all. He was hit by falling space debris
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+2 #24 Zaitun 2018-08-15 08:55
The question is: who are the very officers who handle guns, who gives them out, and who introduced the idea of gun culture in this country?

Until 1986, guns were property of the Central govt. Any one found with a gun would be treated without fear and favor.

Since M7 introduced the idea of popularizing gun culture- that guns and pistols could be handled by any body, we have reached where we are now.

They shoot to kill as a means of silencing opposition and the general public so that those in power remain answerable to nobody.

Hence terrorizing Ugandans in their own homes, places of work... to silence them from complaining. As they fear death, they would wish to die with the innocent. But no, they will face the reality alone when death knocks at their doors!!!
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+2 #25 Lakwena 2018-08-15 09:34
In other words, Afande Emilian Kayima has lost his balls and in need of help!

Eish!Quoting MR:
Don Wanyama are you proud of how you & yo puppet masters have turned Uganda back to the Amin Gov'y times by arresting & shooting dead innocent civilians. then think we are stupid to believe your childish excuses?

In one go you chaps have undone nrm "security/peace" achievement.

In other words MR, because of the love for money; Don Wanyama should always have one bag packed and ready to leave town.

I saw with pity, how Amin's henchmen ran in disarray when things fell apart.

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0 #26 Paul Ognom 2018-08-15 15:55
I always advice fellow your to work hand to make hands meet instead on accepting to be loured by those whose livelihood are propaganda.

Work hard and achieve much and live politics for those who terms it their livelihood source.
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