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7-year-old boy stuck at Mulago hospital

Timothy Oboi in hospital

A seven year-old boy is stuck at Mulago national referral hospital with no single relative or caretaker attending to him.

The boy who has been identified as Timothy Oboi is admitted and has no helper by his side. According to hospital records at Mulago, Oboi is was admitted to the Accidents and Emergency Unit on Thursday after he was involved in an accident that left him with a head injury.

Enock Kusasira, public relations officer Mulago hospital says that the boy was admitted yesterday but none of his relatives have yet gone to the hospital.

"He was knocked down by a running vehicle, he sustained head injuries, A CT scan has been made already and he’s is out of danger. And I'm told he has no attendant of course and we’re trying to look for the family members," he said. 

Kusasira says that they were able to talk to the boy though he is incoherent. According to Kusasira, cases like Oboi's are very common at the hospital.

"On a daily basis, we get cases like Oboi's. Most of them are accident related." Kusasira added. 

According to the annual police report 12,244 accidents were reported last year. 3,051 of the reported accidents were fatal while 6,530 were serious. Oboi is a learner at New Age Nursery School located in Naguru. His head teacher, Dorothy Migizi says that Oboi has not been at school for the entire week.


0 #11 Akot 2018-08-11 19:18
Dr. Ocen Henry, understood, but,

It's change of leader, scraping the tribalistic sytem & putting in place good governance that is needed in Uganda!

Unending migration to USA/Europe is because people are looking for; education, good housing, healthcare...!

Ugandans should be the first to know this as refugees in peaceful Uganda are catered for by UN-EU!

Even migrants in danger at sea are salvaged while no one talks about Ugandans!

As long as Ugandans maintain Museveni through the tribalistic system & are at pece with it, our people will NEVER get ears from any outsider, but UN-EU will continue helping refugees in Uganda while ignoring Ugandans!
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+1 #12 Akot 2018-08-11 19:27
Quoting rubangakene:

The school should have queried the parents/guardians in the first instance. This really reeks of the state we are in today in Uganda.

If this was a refugee boy you would have seen all stones overturned to make him as comfortable as possible to show the world we care.

I understand the parents' reluctance to show their face at the hospital; the fear of having to pass through the "hurdle" (the hospital accountant", a prerequisite for any treatment in a government hospital. And we are being taxed for what, eh?


This is why Ugandans MUST turn backs on tribalism but UNITE to shatter the tribalistic system keeping Museveni in power, then go for the kind of governancde they want!

Until then, Ugandans' miseries don't concern any outsider, yet the country will continue to be peaceful home for refugees from yonder cared for by UN-EU!
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+1 #13 Lakwena 2018-08-14 16:18
In other words, was Oboi one of the hit and run accidents on our roads, or one of the grizzly smash where his parents perished without a trace.

Or as fate has its ways; is Oboi one of the unwanted children to whom it may concern?
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